10 Ways Your Husky Can Help You Cope With Depression And Anxiety

Whether you have been suffering from depression and anxiety your entire life, or you were just diagnosed with these conditions, you probably already know what a major impact they can have on your life. Depression and anxiety can affect everything from your health to your social life. It is even possible that you can become completely paralyzed with thoughts of grief and worry, if your condition gets to that point.

#10 Unconditional Support And Love

Huskies do not carry opinions and are unbiased about what they think about people. It does not matter how you smell, what condition you are in, or what you look like, a dog will cuddle up right next to you. Anxiety in dogs can be pretty hard to deal with as it makes their behavior sometimes unpredictable. But there are many natural ways available in calming over hyper dogs. Hemp-infused dog treats or CBD oils for pets are very promising today.

#9 Dogs Can Change Your Attitude

Huskies have the ability to completely turn your attitude and behavior upside down. Maybe you are having an awful day and are feeling depressed. Well, coming home to someone that unconditionally loves you and is willing to show it as soon as you walk in the door will change your whole outlook.

#8 Great Distractions

Your dog needs to be walked, feed, and get plenty of exercise throughout the day. Playing ball or going for a walk with your dog can completely distract you from the daily horrors and thoughts of your everyday life.

#7 Building Self-Esteem

Once again, there are going to be things that your husky is unable to do for himself or herself. Pets are huge responsibilities that need tons of care and guidance. By saddling yourself with this type of responsibility it will promote good mental health.

#6 Lowering Blood Pressure

New and exciting studies are showing that dog owners have lower hearts and blood pressure when they are petting or interacting with their pet. Both of these conditions can be elevated, while suffering from depression and anxiety.

#5 Promotes Interaction

From time to time you will probably find your dog jumping in your lap, licking your face, or rubbing his head in your hands, which can all lead to touching, petting, and hugging. Recent studies are showing that hugging your dog can reduces stress, lower blood pressure, and lower your heart rate.

#4 Staying Connected

In today’s world everyone always has his or her nose is some kind of electronic device or smartphone, which leads to dwindling personal connections. However, dogs do not have the ability to use these devices.

#3 Making You Laugh

Dogs can do funny things from time to time. Just get online and watch all those funny dog videos. You can completely turn your day around by watching your dog tear into a close cardboard box like a kid at Christmas, or watch his ears rise when you ask if he wants to go outside.

#2 Recognizing An Attack Or Mood

 Even though your dog might not be specially trained for the situation he or she has the ability to sense when you are feeling down. Dogs want to naturally comfort and console their owners when they are in a bad mood.

#1 Ease Public Interaction

 If your anxiety flares up when you are in public, you always have the option of taking your pet with you when you go into crowded areas. Most public places are now even allows dogs inside, as long as they are leashed.