25 misconceptions of narcissism

25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist

To Conclude

Numerous individuals are narcissists and plenty more exhibit narcissistic qualities. Though this personality trait is not promoted as a healthy characteristic, if appropriate conditions prevail, those that are afflicted can lead a flourishing and successful life. The false and generally accepted misconceptions about narcissism label an individual unfavorably, causing the vast majority of people to immediately disdain narcissists upon principle.

This can cause the personality type to spiral out of control and adversely affect the individual and those around them. By accepting, recognizing, and humanizing narcissism, unfavorable influence and negative aftermath from a narcissist can be controlled and even prevented.

About The Author
Alexander is a Neuropsychologist and has many years of experience dealing with Narcissists and people dealing with Narcissists. On his website he blogs about current relevant topics to Narcissism and answers questions of people who are looking for help.