2nd Phase of Lockdowns Commencing: How to Stay Sane During This Time

The phrase “new normal” has become a frequent saying due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The first round was tough on everyone with the adjustment period including children and parents. Working from home seemed great to a number of professionals before realizing how boring not seeing coworkers could be. Keeping your mental health in check during this time can be tough as a number of people enjoy their jobs. Others have lost their jobs and would love a reopening so they can find a new form of employment. The following are tips to stay sane during the 2nd phase of lockdowns in some states.

Alcohol Consumption Needs to be Moderated

A large number of people that didn’t lose their jobs used the time at home as a party phase. Most people believed that the pandemic would drop off of the face of the earth in a matter of weeks. Alcohol deliveries skyrocketed but now is not the time to develop an addiction to alcohol. There could be a chance that you are drinking simply because you are bored and you are longing for social interaction. Finding hobbies during this time is important as it is always going to be far easier to open a bottle of wine or crack a beer.

Start Exercising Again

Gyms are still open in some locations but not all around the country. The truth is that you do not need the gym to stay in shape as the world can be your gym. If you need a trainer then there are a plethora of workouts online that will help you stay motivated. Yoga can be easy to follow on YouTube in your living room or a program like P90X can also provide results. Weight lifting is going to be a challenge but taking a look on Facebook Marketplace can allow you to purchase fitness equipment at a massive discount.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep cannot be stressed enough during lockdown as it has a direct impact on your mental health. Being sleep deprived can cause to make mistakes if working remotely or lose your cool with your family. Make sure that you get into a bedtime routine during this time even if you do not have to get up at a specific time. Sleep patterns being changed constantly can lead to tossing and turning. You want to wake up refreshed instead of needing multiple cups of coffee just to act like a normal human being.

Find a Place to Meditate

Custom sheds can be an affordable way to create a space that is for meditation. Meditating inside the home with multiple children or attention hungry pets can be impossible. There are so many guides to meditation that you can turn on a video on your phone that helps you relax. Breathing exercises can calm you down even if you feel like you are going to explode due to work, family, or simply wanting to leave home for an extended period.

With the 2nd phase of lockdown starting in some areas you need to list out how you will stay mentally healthy. This can come in handy in the future if there is ever another circumstance like this.