4 Reasons You May Be Suffering From a Sore Neck

A lot of people suffer from occasional neck pain.  Most of the time neck pain is nothing serious; however, in some cases, it could be.  Usually, symptoms will relieve themselves over the course of several days, while other times the pain will persist for much longer.

If you’ve recently been suffering from neck pain and aren’t sure why, take a look at some of the reasons which may have caused it.


Often neck pain is a result of sustaining an injury.   Perhaps you got hurt on the job, or maybe you got in a car accident, and suffered whiplash.

Many time neck injuries are not apparent right away. They may take several days or even weeks to appear. For this reason, it’s vital always to see a medical professional following an accident. They’ll be able to give you the best assessment of your overall state of health.   Thanks to their diagnosis, they may save you the trouble of long-term pain, which could haunt you for years down the road.

Poor Sleeping Position

If you have ever woken up with a sore neck, it’s probably a result of sleeping in an awkward position all night. Make sure that you’re sleeping in a position which allows your neck to rest naturally.  Try to avoid using too many pillows or too few.

The ideal sleeping position is straight on your back, allowing your neck to rest just slightly elevated on your pillow. Remember that even though high-quality pillows may cost a little extra, your neck will thank you for it over time.

Poor Posture

It’s critical to practice good posture throughout the day. If you’re someone who sits hunched over at a desk for a large portion of the week, this is probably contributing to your neck soreness.

Consider using ergonomic equipment or training your spinal cord by wearing a brace. Over time you’ll start to sit in a position which doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your spine and neck.   Even though it may seem more comfortable to slouch, you’re damaging your spine more than you realize.

Bad Form During Exercise

If you’re someone who loves to work out at the gym, it’s essential that you know how to practice proper form. Failing to position yourself correctly while lifting heavy weights can lead to severe injury and even tearing.

If you practice poor posture every time you work out, you will inevitably develop sore muscles and a sore neck. Make sure that you consult with a professional trainer before starting any kind of major exercise program.   Most gyms offer an initial personal training session discounted or free. During this session, they’ll show you how each machine works, as well as the best way to position your body to avoid injury.