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4 Tips for Transforming Your Home as Your Age

4 Tips for Transforming Your Home as Your Age

One of the biggest considerations as we age is where we’ll live. Do you plan to stay in your current home as long as possible? Perhaps you plan to downsize your home and buy something a little easier to maintain. Or perhaps you are already planning your move to a retirement home, and looking for the ease of life that situation provides. If your top choice is to stay in your current home and transform it to suit your changing needs, keep reading for my top 4 tips for transforming your home as you age.

1. Stairlifts
This is maybe the simplest change you can make that can completely transform accessibility in your home. A stairlift allows you to navigate stairs that may otherwise be painful or dangerous to use. They’re a great choice for places that cannot be changed with a ramp. Handicare USA have a range of stairlift options to suit every home, from curved designs to outdoor stairlift options. While stairlifts can be a substantial investment, it’s much cheaper than the costs incurred selling your home, and allows you to age somewhere that feels comfortable to you and is filled with a lifetime of special memories.

2. A Video Doorbell
Home security is important at any stage of your life, but it can give you added peace of mind as you age to have the security that comes along with a video doorbell and security camera set up. The video doorbell can connect to your phone or a smart device, allowing you to respond to visitors without having to walk all the way to the front door. This is particularly helpful if you have a number of people coming to your front door. Most video doorbells also record footage which can be helpful for both security and for seeing who visits when you’re not home.

3. Robotic Vacuum
One of the best things I’ve ever purchased is my robotic vacuum. I can program it to run each day, and it will go around cleaning the floors and then it will find its way back to the charging station. As you get older and simple tasks around the home may feel more challenging, having the vacuuming taken care of can be a big help.

4. Changing the Door Handles
This is something you can easily change long before you’ll need it. As we age, we lose strength in our hands, and they can often become quite shaky. For that reason, I suggest looking into door handles that are easier to use and allow you to comfortably open doors with ease. You can wait until you really need them to change it, but I suggest changing them earlier so that you can get used to the new handles around your home. 

These four tips can ensure your home is comfortable to use no matter your ability level. From installing a stairlift, through to using a video doorbell, you can ensure your home is easy and comfortable no matter your ability level.