4 Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Child’s Teeth While Playing Sports

Ensuring the safety of your child’s teeth may not be your primary focus when your child participates in sports. But accidents do happen, and they can be damaging to your child’s mouth and teeth. An errant football, fly away baseball bat, collision during soccer or fall may do major damage. The following are four precautionary tips to keep your active child’s teeth safe.

Proper Equipment

There are numerous benefits to your child’s sports involvement such as learning social skills, good sportsmanship and developing certain passions beyond studies. Whether it’s an errant football pass, stray baseball bat flying through the air or a collision on the soccer field, injuries can happen and have a major impact on your child’s teeth. You can prepare for a healthy school year by getting your child fitted with the proper equipment. Helmets, faceguards and facemasks are essential items if your child plays contact sports such as football, hockey and basketball. Although they may feel like a hindrance at times, the right gear can help reduce injuries.

Protective Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is a unique device that fits along the teeth and gums. It’s primary use is to protect the teeth and mouth in the event of a sports collision. Although you can purchase them at a sports store, your dental practice can customize the mouth guard by having it personally fitted to the size and structure of your child’s mouth. Customized advanced versions of the mouth guard may even help prevent concussions, without affecting a person’s speech or breathing capabilities. If your child does end up with a loose or missing tooth, you need to contact your dentist immediately. With today’s advances, they may be able to save the tooth or devise an alternative plan for the missing tooth. Dental implants are a great option for teeth that can’t be salvaged.

Thorough Understanding of the Rules

When your child becomes passionate about a particular sport, you want to see them succeed. You also want to ensure their health and safety during their practice and play time. Before your child goes out for the team, you want to make sure that they have a thorough understanding of the sport. This includes the rules, guidelines and what they can do to reduce their risk of injury. You don’t want your child to go out for football and get tackled by a sea of players while running for the wrong end zone. Although accidents can still happen to even the most elite of players, having a fundamental understanding of the rules can significantly reduce your child’s chances of getting hurt.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Before your child goes out for any type of sports event at school, they typically need a physical performed by their doctor. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your child is seen by their dentist. If they are involved in a contact sport such as hockey, football or basketball, you can get them fitted for a mouth guard. Good oral hygiene is also imperative to the safety and health of their teeth. Regular brushing 2 to 3 times per day can help remove plaque and reduce cavities. You also want your child to get in the habit of flossing their teeth regularly. Visits to the dentist for a professional cleaning can alert your dentist to any problems. To keep their teeth strong, you also want to provide a healthy diet filled with fruits, veggies, protein and dairy.

Encouraging your child to participate in sports can help your child excel in life. But before they step foot on a baseball diamond, basketball court or gymnastics mat, you want to provide them with the proper protection for their teeth.