5 Approaches To Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness, obviously it’s important that you find your own balance of approaches. But, when establishing your perspective on the matter for the first time, it can help to know what some of these focus points are. So instead of moving from general to specific, you’ll be moving from specific to general.

To illustrate, consider health inside the categories of holistic care, medicinal care, the option of staying active, health and happiness as perceived from an emotional and mental state, and the importance of spirituality within the health concept. These approaches are all specific and definite, but they also are all connected however you choose them to be on an individual level.


When you think about using holistic medicine, there are a number of different pathways your mind can go on. There’s a tremendous amount of information and misinformation about the topic, and there are millions of successful practitioners along with millions of scammers. Holistic medicine and methods will often fall along the naturopathic spectrum as well, which means that you’ll be using methods that people have developed in balance with naturally-occurring elements.


There are a number of benefits of approaching health in a modern, Western way as well. The biggest ease of mind that you can have is that the pills you get and the surgeries to make you well are highly vetted and consistent throughout the industry. The human race is healthier and safer than it has ever been before thanks to the science behind western medicine, which is why it tends to be the go-to answer in industrialized nations. This doesn’t mean that it should be trusted implicitly without study, but rather that the study behind it makes for greater peace of mind.


Some people find that the best way for them to think about health is in terms of activity. In other words, as long as they can remain active physically, they consider that a sign of good health. And to back that up, people who stay physically active tend to be much healthier and happier much farther into their later years of life.

Emotional and Mental

Another piece of the health puzzle is going to come from the idea of emotional and mental health. Can you focus still, and concentrate on things, and follow conversations? Is your memory holding up? These are positive signs of mental health and acuity when you’re determining your personal wellness factor.


And for people in many different types of situations that are beyond their control, sometimes spiritual health is the anchor that they need. Spirituality allows many people to get through difficult times, and to appreciate the good times even more. Collectively, all of these different kinds of health are what make you – you!