5 Important Tips for Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon for You

Nearly 18 million Americans underwent cosmetic procedures in 2018. Get informed so you can choose the best plastic surgeon for yourself.

Over the past 5 years, more Americans have been getting plastic surgery. Still, each plastic surgeon gives their patients a unique experience.

You deserve results that make you happy. Learning what to look for in a plastic surgeon will increase your chance of being happy with your results.

Here are 5 things you should look for in a plastic surgeon:

1. The Best Plastic Surgeon Is Certified

What is a plastic surgeon? A plastic surgeon is a medical professional who reconstructs/repairs parts of the body. Plastic surgeons often work with the transfer of tissue to deliver results.

However, the government doesn’t require plastic surgeons to be trained in the procedures they offer. In fact, many general surgeons rebrand themselves as cosmetic surgeons to make more cash.

Get a plastic surgeon who’s certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). You can search through the database of certified physicians on the ABPS’s website.

2. Ask Questions About Experience

One of the benefits of hiring a plastic surgeon is drawing on their experience. A good plastic surgeon is open to answering any questions you have about their experience.

When considering a plastic surgeon, ask them how many procedures like yours they’ve performed. Also, ask how many years this surgeon has spent on performing this procedure.

Feel free to ask questions about their training and background.

3. Hospital Connection

Any plastic surgeon worth their salt is affiliated with a hospital. Safety is one of the advantages of hiring a legitimate plastic surgeon. A hospital setting gives you the most safety.

If a surgeon strictly performs procedures at their office, it’s a red flag. Only a hospital gives you access to the care you need if something goes wrong.

4. Portfolio

Good plastic surgeons always have good before and after photos. These photos reflect the kind of results you can expect.

It’s ideal if the people in the photos have the same body type or facial structure as you. The makeup and lighting should be the same in all of the photos.

The Plastic Surgeon in Miami has high quality before and after photos. This is a sign that you can trust Dr. Ramiro Morales to give you the best results.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

Read the reviews and recommendations that are available online. They’ll give you insight into what you can expect.

If you have any friends who’ve underwent the procedure you want, ask them for recommendations. There are also groups on social media dedicated to plastic surgery you can consult.

Change Your Life For The Best

Out of all plastic surgical procedures, breast augmentation is most popular with Americans. Finding the best plastic surgeon is worth any time and energy you spend on the task.

Every good medical professional has a good bedside manner. If the doctor or staff members rub you the wrong way, don’t trust them.

Invest in yourself and learn more about health. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.