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5 Signs You May Need Help from an Implant Dentist

About 3 million Americans have at least one dental implant. By age 50, Americans have lost an average of 12 teeth. If you struggle with dental issues, an implant might be the answer. 

The permanent teeth get implanted into your jaw. They look and act like real teeth. 

To find out if you need to contact an implant dentist, look for these five signs. 

1. You Have Missing Teeth 

The 101 on dental implants is that if you have missing teeth, an implant will restore your smile and give you your teeth back. Missing one or more teeth can not only damage your self-esteem but also hurt your health. 

When there’s a gap, your teeth no longer correctly align when chewing. Your other teeth will also start to move to fill in the space. Now you have crooked teeth. 

An implant will look and feel like your natural teeth. No one will be the wiser when you smile. 

2. You Have Loose Dentures or Partials 

You don’t have to live with the constant fear that your dentures might become loose throughout the day. 

Instead, implants can be a permanent solution. They will look and feel like you have real teeth again. 

3. Infected Tooth 

Sometimes, when a tooth becomes infected, it can be saved. If not, it’ll need to be pulled. After the infection is cleared, you now have an empty space where the tooth once was. 

An implant will replace your tooth. You won’t have to give your new implant any special treatment as it will be as durable as your natural teeth. 

Take care of your new implant the same way you would the rest of your teeth. Perform your daily flossing and brushing. 

4. Loose Bridge

Loose dental work is a problem. Nothing should be loose in your mouth. If you have a bridge from a previous procedure that has become loose, then it might be time to consider implants. 

This solution will not only address the loose bridge but also provide you with a solid and reliable solution for the future. 

5. Sunken Features 

Sometimes when people get fitted for dentures, they begin to develop a sunken appearance. The reason for this is that their jawbone has stopped the regrowth of critical tissue. 

When you have natural teeth or implants, your jawbone gets stimulation through your chewing. This vibration and impact trigger your jawbone to create more bone mass. 

When you have dentures, this doesn’t happen. Your jaw ignores the dentures, and you continue to lose bone mass as you get older. 

Find an Implant Dentist

If you suffer from one or more of these five issues, then it may be time to seek out an implant dentist. They can assess your current dental situation and recommend the best course of action. 

If you do get implants, they’ll look and feel just like your natural teeth. You’ll also need to care for them like they were your natural teeth. 

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