5 Simple Ways You Can Take Control Over Your Health

In today’s society, health is taking the front seat of our lives. After the pandemic, it seems the world has finally understood the importance of health and movement. We no longer seem to emphasize the workhorse culture—where one comes into the office only to sit sedentary at the desk for nine to 12 hours a day. Now, we understand health as an important ingredient to wealth and overall happiness.

Yet sometimes, it is still difficult to take control of our health. Stress is a major downside that occurs when you prioritize other parts of your life, like work, over your health. When you’re more stressed, your cortisol levels increase, which can result in the following:

  • As a result of elevated cortisol levels, if too much, your immune system can become compromised
  • A compromised immune system can make you suddenly feel more sluggish
  • When you’re sluggish you become tired, which means less movement
  • Less movement causes you to put on weight
  • When put on weight you tend to feel less joy about everyday things in your life
  • A decrease in happiness, movement, and increase in stress all morph into physical changes and poor lifestyle habits

While there’s no quick fix or fad to follow, there are simple ways you can take control over your health, like taking a women’s or men’s multivitamin. By making a few minor lifestyle changes, you will optimize how you function every day.

Here are five ways to jumpstart your health journey right now.

1.   Grab Some Multivitamins

Women’s and men’s multivitamin come with some pretty great benefits for your energy, immunity, heart, and brain—especially a men’s multivitamin with DHA. Some of the benefits, broken down, include:

  • You will increase your immunity because a single multivitamin can deliver your body all of the essential nutrients it needs, that it might not be getting from a daily diet
  • When you have more nutrients to feed your body you’re also feeding your brain and giving it healthier brain cells to function, which leads to the prevention or slowing of mental deterioration
  • You’ll have a healthier heart and arteries as a result of EPA Omega-3s that contribute to heart health
  • All these body positive nutrients will help you to build and sustain energy through Almega PLs

The best way to ensure you’re actually taking the women’s or men’s multivitamins is to take them at a time of day you can remember like when it feels routine or second nature. Typically, the best times of day to do this are as soon as you wake up, with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, when you shower, or right before bed on your nightstand. The important part here is to do it at a time that will help you maintain the habit so you reap all of the rewards.

2.   Schedule an Annual Exam With Your Doctor

It’s recommended that once men hit the age of 25, they start to schedule regular annual checkups with their primary care physician. These visits might seem mundane for healthy men, but it’s another simple way to take control of your own life and make sure everything works properly.

3.   Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is good for the mind, body, and emotional state. The average person should work out four to six days a week with 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise. If you are already in shape and want to build on your existing workout routine, try challenging your body by doing something new. The body likes to be challenged and when you incorporate a new way for it to move it will actually have your mind and body working together as one to work through the new motions.

4.   Take Care of Your Mental State

Mental health impacts everyone, regardless of gender or age. Yet, men seem less likely to talk about their emotions or address their mental state as a result of societal standards or views. Mental health seems to be such a taboo subject for men to talk about but it shouldn’t be—mental health is just as important as physical health. Take care of your mental state and allow yourself time to unwind. You can talk to someone, journal, read, or do whatever you need to do to relax.

5.   Surround Yourself With a Support System

Did you know that when you hang out with friends or your community you have a better chance of leading a longer life? When it comes to determining long-term health, socialization is an important factor. Whether it’s work, family, your group of friends, or a community organization, those who are around people on a regular basis end up leading happier, longer, and healthier lives. Connections to others build morale and boost happiness and energy.


To optimize your health, use these five tips to take control over your health. These steps can sometimes feel overwhelming when you think about them all at once, so begin with a women’s or men’s multivitamin and work your way up from there. If you feel as though something deeper is going on that is beyond your control, physically or mentally, always reach out to a professional and seek support.