5 Technologies to Help You Become More Independent

Everyone wants to live a life full of independence and autonomy—even those who have a hard time caring for themselves. Fortunately, many technological advances make it easier for disabled persons to have a semblance of independence. Here are five of the best technologies to help you or someone you care for become more independent.


Health Tracking Gadgets

This may seem like a misnomer since health tracking devices like Fitbits are geared for people who can participate in many physical activities. However, many of these devices provide goals you can adjust to your abilities, and they recognize certain types of movement and activities. They’ll also praise a person when they hit their goals for the day. If you have trouble walking by yourself, set a low step goal low—maybe only 250 or 500 steps per day. If you’re confined to a wheelchair, focus on upper body activity. As you hit your goal, your device will let you know and you’ll feel a little more independent and confident each day.


Security Systems

Safety is a big part of independence, and it can be hard to provide for your own safety if you have trouble with mobility. But if you get a home security system installed in your home, that system will handle many of your safety needs. With security cameras and motion detectors, you can feel safe even when everyone is sleeping or you’re home alone.


Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In addition to security systems keeping you safe at home, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can protect you from the other hazards. Smart alarms connected around your home enhances your security. You can even connect them to your security system. When an alarm goes off, someone monitoring the system will alert the proper authorities and provide help as soon as possible. There’s not much you can do in the event of an emergency, but knowing that you’re protected should an emergency happen is a comforting thought. You can get the alone time you need without worrying those who care about you.


Financial Monitoring

Your financial well-being contributes a lot to a person’s independence. Many people lose money every year because they mismanage their finances or are taken advantage of. You don’t want to get caught up in a scam and lose half of your savings. With financial monitoring software, you can monitor all your financial accounts from one place and get alerts if any suspicious activity is detected. You can also share this information with your family members or caregivers to help you monitor your information without giving them access to your accounts.


Sleep-Quality Sensors.

Sleep-quality sensors are sensing devices that pair with a smartphone app and monitors your sleep. It provides information about your heart rate, your breathing rate, and your restlessness. These devices can even alert you to potential health issues like sleep apnea. Sleep is one of the most important ways you can stay healthy, and staying healthy helps you feel more independent. By monitoring your sleep, you can take precautions against potential hazards.


Just because you need a caregiver doesn’t mean you can’t retain a bit of independence. Everyone needs to feel in control of their lives, and with the above technology, you can gain that feeling even though you’re not able to care for yourself.