2018 Health Tips for You & Your Furry Friend

Talk to anyone who owns a cat and they will tell you that the pet is part of the family. This means that it has practically all the rights that other family members enjoy. And, like any family member, the owner enjoys the love that it shows him in return. It, therefore, goes without saying that the owner will do everything necessary to keep his furry friend healthy and happy. If you a cat owner, here are a number of tips to keep your furry friend healthy in 2018.


There is no better way to keep your furry friend healthy this year than to ensure he keeps all his dates with the vet for vaccination. It is the best way for the owner to retain his peace of mind and for the pet to avoid moments of suffering brought about by illnesses that could have been avoided. You can get some of the vaccines you need through your local farmers’ co-op, but you may need to talk to your veterinary about vaccines for small animals that you may not find there. The vet will also advise you on the right dosage for your pet.


Your furry friend needs exercise. If your cat spends all day sleeping on the couch, then there is a possibility that it will develop some health problems. You need to go out of your way to create an environment where it is encouraged to stay active. This will not only help stimulate your pet’s mind, it will also keep it from engaging in unnecessarily unhelpful behaviors. To help cats with exercise, avail posts it can scratch as well as imaginary prey it can chase. Doing so will keep your cat fit and trim, both physically and mentally.

Food and Nutrition

Purpose this year to ensure that your pet is receiving proper nutrition. Plan a visit to the vet and talk to him about how you can plan your pet’s meals to provide an accurate nutritional balance. Pets are not created equal; some will require more of a certain type of food and less of another.

Some of the factors that determine your approach to meeting his nutritional requirements include his activity levels and his age. For instance, it is a common truth that there are many benefits of omega 3 for cats, but to be sure of the quantity you should give your cat, a visit to your vet might be necessary. A professional will give you proper instructions which, if followed, should keep your furry friend healthy and happy in 2018.

Regular Checks for Diseases

Cats and dogs often suffer from ear mites. You may not be quick to notice if you don’t regularly check him for illnesses and diseases. Regular checks will make certain that an outbreak is discovered before it spreads, giving you a chance to control the problem before it becomes a menace as more pets are infected. Keep an eye on any irregular and unusual behavior with your dog or cat. It may be the earliest sign that all is not well.

Having an animal companion enriches our lives. Not only do these animals shower us with unconditional love, they also give us unwavering support regardless of what we might be going through. That is why we ought to do the same when taking care of them. This is the surest way to ensure they live a long, happy and fulfilled life.

Photo by kevin dooley