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  • Best UK CBD Vape Oil and E Liquids 2018

    Understanding the difference between CBD hemp oil, CBD vape oil, reliable CBD vape oil juice and CBD e-liquid isn’t always easy when you’re just getting started in the CBD world. Even among some of the more experienced CBD users, there is confusion between CBD hemp oil and CBD vape oil. Cannabidiol or CBD is made from […]

  • What’s the deal with CBD Oil?

    Over the last few years, the opening of the mind about the power of cannabis oil has become a wide-open debate. However, while many still see the use of oils and cannabinoid products as a way of getting high, that could not be further from the case. For example, CBD oil is entirely free from […]

  • 5 Technologies to Help You Become More Independent

    Everyone wants to live a life full of independence and autonomy—even those who have a hard time caring for themselves. Fortunately, many technological advances make it easier for disabled persons to have a semblance of independence. Here are five of the best technologies to help you or someone you care for become more independent.   […]

  • Healthy Working Habits – Working Better to Live Better

    For most adults, working takes up a significant chunk of their life, at least five days a week, so to say it an understatement to say that it’s a big part of our lives. Unfortunately it can also be a rather unhealthy part of our lives, especially for those who spend most of their time […]

  • 5 Healthcare Trends Empowering Patients in 2017

    Medical cost growth rates have steadily decreased in the past 10 years, sinking from an 11.9 percent growth rate in 2007 to today’s 6.5 percent, according to professional services network PwC. Preventative care and better at-home care for patients has been boosted by technology, empowering individuals to take more control of their health, get help […]