A Comprehensive Guide to ACLS Recertification Course

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification is mandatory for healthcare providers working in critical care settings and emergency response services. The ACLS is a system of techniques and procedures that go a step further beyond Basic Life Support methods to resuscitate a patient suffering from a heart attack or other fatal repository conditions.

Most hospitals and emergency services in the United States necessitate that this certification is obtained with the accreditation of the American Heart Association (AHA). After two years, healthcare providers should renew the certificate through an accredited ACLS recertification course. This will ensure that you can continually be prepared to handle cardiac emergencies.

Why Should You Renew ACLS Certification?

 For renewed ability for you to make a difference and save lives, the ACLS certification needs to be reactivated every two years. The ACLS guidelines and best practices continually evolve with the advent of improved technology and better methods. This way, you can ensure that you are constantly updated with the top trends and knowledge of the best solutions that truly make a change in your patient’s lives.

When Do You Need ACLS Recertification?

ACLS Certification and Recertification are valid for two years from the date you finish a program. Your ACLS card will indicate the expiry date of your certification. Therefore, it’s recommended to set a reminder before expiry and get yourself enrolled in an ACLS refresher course to revive your certificate to perform CPR and critical cardiac emergency care services.

If your ACLS card has expired longer beyond the grace period of 2 years, you can still sign up for an ACLS recertification course to reactivate your certification. However, if you require more than a refresher course to empower you with the necessary emergency response skills, it may help retake the initial ACLS certification course.

While both the courses cover the same topics and provide similar certification proof upon completion, the initial ACLS certification will be more time-consuming and rigorous than recertification.

The duration of time after the expiration of ACLS certification should fall in the window of the acceptable grace period. It all depends on your skill level and how much you want to learn. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to enroll in recertification to update your current certification or want to take up a new certification for extensive learning.

How Much Time Do You Have to Renew your ACLS After Expiration?

If you have noticed that your ACLS is about to expire just in time, you can take the recertification. However, for some reason, if you overlook the expiration date, you have a grace period of 30-days to avoid a lapse in certification. After this period, you may have to apply for a fresh ACLS certification online. Therefore, keep a tab on your expiration period and ensure to apply for recertification just in time.

ACLS Recertification Counts as CEU

Apart from refreshing your skills with a recertification course, you can also earn CEUs or Continuing Education scores. Most recertification courses account for 4 to 4.75 Advanced CEH, while an ACLS certification fetches 8 CEUs. 

What are Your Options for Re-certifying your ACLS?

There are several ways you can obtain American Heart Association approved recertification. Below is the breakdown of how you enroll for recertification:

  • Attend a Local Class – 

The most preferred and safest way to obtain recertification for your ACLS is attending an instructor-led classroom session in your local area. Consider the course fee, number of hours you need to attend, and whether the course is accredited by regulatory authorities such as AHA. By attending classroom instruction, you can stay on top of current trends and methods to empower yourself to save lives and refresh your hands-on skills.

  • Online Recertification – 

When opting for online recertification, exercise caution to know if the courses are accredited and approved by the AHA and also, check whether it accounts for CEU credits. Don’t opt for certifications that are not endorsed, as most hospitals and healthcare facilities will not recognize these certifications.

Prerequisites for Recertification ACLS Program and Session

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Current or expired ACLS certification card that is accepted by the AHA.
  • You must have the current 2020 ACLS Provider Manual or eBook.
  • Be on time to attend the chosen ACLS recertification classroom session. 
  • Students can cancel within 48 hours before the course start date or opt for rescheduling if, for some reason, they are unable to attend the session.

The ACLS recertification programs are designed to expand your knowledge horizon and respond to various life-threatening conditions, including cardiac arrest, stroke, irregular heart rhythm, myocardial infarction, and acute heart syndromes. Ensure that you choose the right course to get you back on track and geared to perform advanced resuscitation in your healthcare facilities.