Advice on What to Wear to a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Deciding that you may want to undergo plastic surgery is exciting and you have much to look forward to. This is going to be the first step on a fulfilling journey that will change your life in positive ways. 

If this will be your first consultation with a plastic surgeon, you’re probably wondering what you should wear on the day. 

Below you will find some tips that will help you better prepare for your plastic surgery consultation.

Preparing for Your Cosmetic Surgery Consult: What to Wear

  • Comfortable clothing is better

If there’s one thing that you don’t need to do for your consultation, it’s dress to impress. Chances are you’re going to need to remove most of your clothing during your consultation anyway so don’t overthink your outfit. Rather choose something comfortable and loose-fitting as this will be easiest to remove and put back on. Grab your favorite pair of jeans or sweatpants and a t-shirt or hoodie on the day of your consultation. 

  • Bring extra clothing if this is a breast augmentation consult

Breast implants specialists, Waverley House Clinic, recommend bringing a few extra garments to your breast augmentation consultation. This is because you will be given a few different sizes to try to determine what’s right for you. To ensure that you have the very best idea of what your breasts will look and feel like in your regular clothes after your surgery, bring along a few different items, including tank tops, bras, shirts and blouses. 

  • Leave the clothing with awkward features at home

If you were thinking about wearing a dress with a zip at the back or long boots with laces, rather rethink your outfit. Anything clothing that’s going to make it difficult to dress and undress quickly should be avoided. Your surgeon is going to provide you with a medical gown during your consultation and the quicker you can get into it, the more time you will have to discuss more important matters. You want enough time to ask questions and find out more about what you can expect before, during and after your surgery, so rather stick to simple items of clothing. 

  • Bring something that will help you stay warm

Chances are your surgeon’s offices are going to be slightly chilly so rather come prepared. You want to be comfortable during your consultation so that you’re not rushing through it. Bring along a warm jacket and a comfortable pair of socks so that you’re not freezing during your physical examination. A jacket can be worn over your medical gown to keep you cozy throughout your consultation. 

Bonus Tips

Along with wearing the right clothing, there are a few other ways that you can prepare for your consultation:

  • Write down questions. You probably already have quite a few questions about your procedure in your head. Make sure that you don’t forget any of them by writing them down and bringing them along to your consultation.
  • Have a few dates in mind. If you feel you will be ready to schedule your surgery quite soon after your consultation, have a few dates ready in your mind so that you can coordinate with your surgeon.
  • Have a plan B. You don’t have to choose the first surgeon that you meet with and you definitely shouldn’t go ahead with the procedure if you’re not 100% convinced that a surgeon is the right fit. You may think they are based on what you’ve found online but you may end up feeling uncomfortable during your consultation, which is why you should have a few other options ready to go. 

Following these guidelines will ensure you’re well-prepared for your plastic surgery consultation.