Battling Addiction: Telltale Signs You Are Getting Out Of Control

Addiction is something that impacts all walks of life regardless of social status. The truth is that addictions can form due to trying to comfort ourselves with substances. Alcohol is a main addiction for many in the world as it is so common to unwind after a long day with a few drinks.
The pandemic shed light on what can happen with a lack of social interaction as so many people developed substance abuse issues. Early detection that you have a problem is so important as addictions tend to worsen with time. Below are telltale signs you are developing an addiction. 

Legal Trouble

Legal troubles due to addiction are a reality as you can be arrested for drug possession or DWI. A DWI attorney can be a huge help in cases as they could question the methods used to collect evidence. A person might not be intoxicated at all even though the officer claimed they deemed the driver impaired. You want an attorney that has worked on your type of case in the past with positive results. Diversion programs are available for some cases for those that are first-time offenders. These programs can keep your record clean which is so important during a job search. 

Financial Troubles Start To Arise

There are some addictions that are far easier to fund than others. Financial problems due to an addiction can be on credit cards for a shopping addiction or draining a checking account due to a drug addiction. A loss of a job is the biggest culprit for those that see themselves digging their way to financial disaster due to addiction. Legal fees can also be quite high if you are arrested multiple times. There are times when legal issues can be a blessing in disguise as a part of probation could be to complete substance abuse counseling. Drug testing can also hold you accountable for a period of time as jail can be a great deterrent. 

Your Mental Health Has Deteriorated

Mental health is going to be a struggle for someone dependent on a certain substance daily. Not all addictions have physical addiction that leads to potential health issues if you stop taking something suddenly. Alcohol is a great example as the detox process can actually be deadly. Medical detoxes are recommended for heavy daily drinkers as there could be problems with seizures due to a lack of alcohol in the blood. 

Your Job Performance Is Suffering 

Productivity at your job is going to impact your career directly. Promotions can be impossible if you are not performing near the top of your department. A sudden decrease in productivity can be a warning sign to employers you might not be interested in the job anymore. The other inkling a company might have is that you have gotten another job. Staying off the radar for negative reasons is always wise at your job. You do not want your addiction to cost you a promotion or your entire career if you are arrested for serious crimes due to your addiction. 

Addiction is something you need to address immediately before it worsens. Take the time to talk to someone you know will not judge you as this can be a conversation that helps you realize you have a problem.