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  • 5 Ways To Recognize And Help An Addict

    How are you able to recognize and help an addict? I like to take an angle of actually getting to understand who an addict really is. An addict is basically someone who cannot do without a certain drug. They are people who are almost completely dependent on that so s to get along with their […]

  • Tips to Choose the Right Vaporizer

    Have you ever heard about the term “vaporizer” or “e-cigarettes”? If this is the first time you hear about it, then you have come to the right place. This article explains what an e-cigarette is and tips to choose the right kind of e-cigarette for use. Read further to know more about it. Introduction to […]

  • Finding Peace In Detox: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

    Finding Peace In Detox: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

    For those trying to escape the grips of addiction, withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be a physically painful process – withdrawal can cause shaking, anxiety, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, and even seizures and hallucinations. And though these symptoms fade over the course of several days, the emotional symptoms can persist. Turning to mindfulness strategies, though, […]

  • Addiction and Anxiety: What’s The Connection?

    Did you know many of the people who suffer from addiction are people who silently struggle with anxiety? While it is not the case for everyone, it is the case for many. These individuals often do not realize that the symptoms they are experiencing, such as nervousness, heart palpations, extreme stress, and anxiousness are the […]

  • Gambling Addiction Raises the Risk of Depression

    In the US, three to five out of one hundred people who gamble will develop a gambling problem, which may lead to symptoms of depression, according to the website. Depression is a fact of life for one in ten Americans over the age of eighteen, based on stats from the website. Since people […]

  • Tips to Ensure Effective Nicotine Withdrawal

    Depending on whom you speak to, chances are that different people will have different opinions on the idea of smoking. A vocal majority feels that that it is nothing more than a death wish and a way to creep closer and closer to a miserable and disheartening death. However, on the opposite end are people […]

  • 5 Ways To Encourage A Loved One To Seek Treatment For Alcoholism

    If you have a close friend, family member, or significant other with an alcohol problem, you won’t be able to sit back and watch them succumb to their addiction. You’ll have a hard time witnessing their lives fall apart and witnessing their health deteriorate without intervening. It’s natural that you’d want to help motivate them […]

  • In sickness and in health together: Addiction rehabs for couples

    Returning to a sober way of life can seem impossible for people who are stuck in the depths of addiction. It’s even a tougher problem to solve when both members of a romantic couple are tortured by alcohol or drugs. Addicted couples have many conflicts and the emotional distance between them is constantly increasing. Such […]

  • 5 Diet Tips That Can Help Your Alcohol Detox Program

    Have you committed to breaking an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Think about how your lifestyle choices can back this change and help ease the transition. After all, what you put into your body plays a significant role in how it works. Removing harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol is the most obvious part […]