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  • 5 Ways My Father’s Alcoholism Affected Me

    Whenever someone brings up the concept of alcoholic parental figures, I tend to hear the most extreme cases. These are stories about sexual abuse within the family, suicide, and physical abuse. While those are dreadful stories to hear, my experience with an alcoholic while growing up was quite different. My father was an alcoholic, yes, […]

  • Behavioral Addiction vs Substance Addiction: What Does Addiction Look Like?

    When you think of addiction, usually the first thing to come to mind is substance abuse. Alcoholism, drug dependence, and even nicotine addiction are the typical “faces” of addiction because they take a more physical form. But, addiction has another scary side. Behavioral addiction is also common in the United States, though it may be […]

  • Understanding The Health Effects of Alcohol

    When it comes to drug use, alcohol has a special place in our culture. For some, alcohol is a regular part of meals or evening rituals. Alcohol is also an important component of celebrations and milestones and plays a key role in many religious ceremonies. In the United States, the alcohol industry is responsible for […]

  • What You Need To Know Before Rehab

    Rehabilitation center is quite a big name to think about. But often there are times when thinking about this particular option becomes important to order to get rid from the addiction of various substances such as drugs, alcohol, and even some kind of harmful medicines. It has been noticed recently that teenagers fall trap of […]

  • 10 Side Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

    Prescription drug abuse has become a nationwide epidemic. Abusing prescription medication is defined as taking it in a manner other than what a physician prescribed or taking it to feel euphoria. Misusing prescription medication has severe medical consequences. It is one of the leading causes for emergency room visits, treatment admissions, and overdose deaths. Early […]

  • Five Steps to Alcohol Recovery

    Recovery, like addiction, isn’t linear. While some people may find themselves able to quit alcohol in a day, others will struggle their entire lives to stay sober. Just because the urges may persist, however, doesn’t mean you’re condemned to a life ruled by alcohol. By following these five steps, you can set yourself on the […]

  • Steps to Recovery – Finding Help For Those Struggling With Addiction

    Anyone who has been part of the addiction recovery process knows that it can be as complex as it is difficult. That is largely why the process is often broken down into steps to recovery or stages of recovery. Addiction recovery takes time and effort. Like most complex things, it is more approachable when it […]