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  • The Possibility of Breaking the Addiction Cycle Using Plant-Based Treatments

    “The addict substitutes a sick relationship to an event or a process for a healthy relationship with others. The addict’s relationship with a mood-altering experience becomes central to his life” – Patrick Carnes It is interesting to note that opioid drug addictions such as heroin addictions are treated with an opioid that works via the […]

  • Tips For Finding A Reliable Rehab Center

    There is a good chance that you know someone suffering from a drug abuse problem. In all likelihood, you’ve told yourself that you’ll never face that type of problem. Believe it or not, everyone is vulnerable to drug abuse. You might get injured on the job site and this could lead to you being prescribed […]

  • Is Cannabis An Exit Drug

    What’s the latest medical trend in the never-ending war against drug addiction? According to one West Los Angeles rehab center, the solution to drug addiction may just include a rather controversial element — marijuana! The facility bills itself as a “marijuana inclusive treatment center” — which flies in the face of most medical opinion, theory, […]

  • 5 Ways to Quit Smoking

    In the United States, cigarettes kill more than 480,000 American every year, which is why it’s no wonder that health officials constantly warn people about the negative effects of smoking. Whether you’ve just picked up the habit or have been smoking since you can remember, there’s no better time to quit like the present. If […]

  • How to help find recovery from a long-term addiction

    The opioid crisis continues to spread throughout the world, with millions of people struggling to overcome addiction. Of course, you have those that are not even trying, but for those that are there are many treatment options available, recovery is readily available at no cost if you look in the right places. If you or […]

  • 5 Proven Tips for Quick Addiction Recovery

    Anybody who is looking for help or already is in recovery for the first time must know that drug and alcohol addiction is simply a disease, not a weakness of willpower or a moral failing or a scarce in the capability of simply saying NO. When you are completely struggling with an addiction, recovery can […]

  • Overcoming Addiction: A Holistic Approach to Healing and Recovery

    If you are going to conquer an addiction and finally move on to a new and more promising phase of your life you need to try and find a healing process that is deeper and longer lasting, so that you can close the previous chapter in your life for good. It is becoming an increasingly […]

  • 6 Ways Smoking Impacts Your Looks

    Research has shown the damaging effects of smoking to almost every organ in the human body. In the United States, smoking causes one out of every five deaths. But did you also know that the effects of smoking can also greatly impact your looks. The following are 6 ways smoking is ruining your appearance. Under […]