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  • Stop Drinking To Start Living

    Booze is big business in America. In 2016 Americans spent over 223 billion dollars on alcoholic beverages — including beer, wines, and hard liquor. And to remind us of how much fun it is to chug a beer or sip a cocktail, the American distilled spirits industry spent a whopping 358 million dollars on advertising […]

  • How To Get Help For Your Addiction

    There is a terrible illness affecting millions of Americans today, and it is spiraling out of control quickly and spreading chaos and heartbreak in its wake. This illness is not a bacterial or viral illness spread from person to person, rather, it is the disease of addiction. That’s why it’s so important for anyone suffering […]

  • Google Clamps Down On Drug Rehab Ads To Curb Fraud In The Drug Rehabilitation Industry

    Never before in history has drug rehabilitation been such a profitable business. In previous decades, drug addicts were stereotypically either the rich and famous who could afford their own rehabilitation programs and shouldered the cost, or low-income addicts taken care of through government programs. Due to the epidemic of opioid use and the changing face […]

  • How You Can Deal With a Drug or Alcohol Problem

    Addiction is much more common than people like to think as addiction has impacted nearly every family at one point or another. The tough part of addiction is that many people feel shame about what they are doing to themselves so they hide it. This allows the addiction to progress to a point where some […]

  • 5 Healthier Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes

    There are numerous reasons to quit smoking, including better cardiovascular health, a lower risk of lung cancer and increased lung capacity, to name a few. However, despite these facts, curbing an addiction to nicotine is not something that happens overnight.   Doctors recommend patients seek advice when they are trying to stop smoking, as it’s […]

  • Beta-Caryophyllene: Squashing the Essential Oil Debate with Science

    As a health scientist and essential oil researcher, there is one particular (and controversial) substance that I am asked about more than any other, and that is hemp oil. The frequency of questions I receive about hemp oil is rapidly increasing in light of current legislation within the United States. However, without getting into a […]

  • 5 Ways that Drinking Daily Could Be Hurting Your Health

    Feeling a bit out of sorts of late? Perhaps you have been feeling perpetually tired, or under the weather? And how long has it been since you felt physically fantastic? A cause you could be overlooking? You might be drinking too much and not realizing it. Tempted to brush it off? Perhaps you think there […]

  • The Possibility of Breaking the Addiction Cycle Using Plant-Based Treatments

    “The addict substitutes a sick relationship to an event or a process for a healthy relationship with others. The addict’s relationship with a mood-altering experience becomes central to his life” – Patrick Carnes It is interesting to note that opioid drug addictions such as heroin addictions are treated with an opioid that works via the […]

  • Tips For Finding A Reliable Rehab Center

    There is a good chance that you know someone suffering from a drug abuse problem. In all likelihood, you’ve told yourself that you’ll never face that type of problem. Believe it or not, everyone is vulnerable to drug abuse. You might get injured on the job site and this could lead to you being prescribed […]