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  • Overcoming Addiction

    According to Psychology Today, an addiction means “a condition in which a person engages in use of a substance or in a behavior for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences.” Developing an addiction–whether it is to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or gambling–can be harmful not […]

  • How To Choose A Good Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

    Are you or someone you know currently dealing with alcohol dependency? Well, you are not alone, as there are millions of individuals that are currently suffering from the same condition. However, you will be glad to know that there are hundreds of people that have gone through the same thing and came out clean on […]

  • Signs a Loved One Needs Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery

    It all started simply enough. A friend or a loved one injured themselves or developed a medical condition, and so they were given a prescription medication by a doctor. At first, they took the medication as prescribed, but eventually, its addictive properties took over. Now, they are hooked on prescription drugs and might even buy […]

  • News on the Treatment of Addiction: Cannabis and Magnetic Stimulation

    The fact that opioid addiction is reaching the proportions of an epidemic is extremely concerning (The Guardian). Researchers all over the world work tirelessly to develop new, more effective treatment of addiction. Some of the methods show very promising results, like a study on TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). A huge survey of the US population […]

  • Glenwood Springs Addiction Center Provides Treatment to Mothers

    Glenwood Springs, Co. has a new addiction treatment center, Momenta, offering mental health and substance use disorder services to both outpatients and inpatients. It was founded by Mandy Owensby, a mother of two who had previously been in recovery for her own addiction. She wanted to create a program that specifically serviced both women and mothers […]

  • Important Steps You Can Take To Support Your Mental Health

    Better mental health can benefit you in a vast number of ways and can make you a far happier person. Here are ten things you can do to support your mental wellbeing Realize that you are valuable. Learning to value yourself as a person is an important part of maintaining your mental health and well-being. […]

  • Drug Usage in College: What You Need To Know

    Drugs and college are often synonymous in the minds of many as drugs are prevalent on college campuses both large and small. The availability of drugs and with so many young people in one area it can be difficult for college administrations to crack down on the drugs. The fact is that many people use […]

  • 8 Tips for Living a Happier, Healthier Life

    You don’t have to quit your job and live on a beach to become a happier person. There are a number of small, everyday things that you can do to increase your feelings of joy and serenity, and many of them won’t cost a dime. If you’re interested in all-natural mood boosters, here are just […]

  • Dealing with a Destructive Teen

    It can be very hard to deal with an unruly teenager, especially when their behavior actually poses a danger to other people. Parents always love their children, but they also need to be able to discipline them and exert a certain amount of control in order to make sure that the children do not end […]