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  • Identifying Your Addiction and What You Can Do

    Addiction impacts people regardless of their socioeconomic status, gender, and every other category imaginable. Substance abuse is the most common type of addiction although technology addiction might not be tracked as closely. The number of people that panic as soon as they are missing their phone is staggering even if it is only on the […]

  • How to Create your Perfect Aftercare Plan

    Congratulations, you are about to complete your treatment program! You are so excited to go back in the world with your new life. You have been looking forward to this moment for so long. You might be a little nervous, which is a good thing. But if you do this correctly and thoroughly you will […]

  • Fatal Alcohol-Related Accidents increase during Brunch in MD

    In recent years, brunch has become a growing trend across the United States and Maryland. According to the Washington Post, Google searches related to brunch have steadily risen since 2004. In addition to food, many people may find brunch appealing due to the alcoholic drinks served at many restaurants. While brunches may be entertaining for […]

  • How to Tell you or a Family Member has a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

    We’ve all seen commercials or billboards about addiction or alcoholism. We all have heard of AA or rehab. We have watched celebrities talk about their own personal experiences with addiction and have seen them bravely go to rehab. We have seen countless stories about drug related overdoses or fatal accidents involving alcohol. But what happens […]

  • How Family and Friends Play a Role in Addiction Recovery

    Addiction recovery is a lifelong process that involves more than just the recovering individual. Family and friends play a large role in the recovery journey. Since each individual is different, each person impacted by the consequences of the addiction will need to go through their own process of recovery. According to the National Institute for […]

  • How to Fight your Addiction and be on the road to Recovery

    Wanting to overcome an addiction is the first step to recovery. It takes immense courage and strength of conviction to admit that you want to change. Fighting and overcoming addictions are not easy. They do not make you weak and are not signs of a flawed personality. Addictions to illegal substances and prescription medications can […]

  • Signs You Need To Find Rehabilitation Centers

    Indeed, not all people who indulge in substances are necessarily addicted. Some individuals may become physically dependent but don’t display addictive behaviors. When the body becomes physically adapted to a compound, they will exhibit signs of withdrawal when attempting to decrease use or stop altogether. Addiction has the designation as being a primary, chronic disease […]

  • How to stop drugs for healthy life

    How to stop drugs for a healthy life

    There are a lot of people in the world who are addicted to some type of psychoactive substance. Continued consumption causes the organism to react in the long run, needing ever greater amounts of substance while generating alterations in the biology and behaviour of the subject that can end up having serious effects on his […]

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    The Signs And Causes Of Teen Alcohol Abuse

    Teen alcoholism is a widespread issue. According to the statistics on the matter, “just over 42% of American 10th graders reported drinking alcohol” in 2018, and, in the United States, “11% of the alcohol that is consumed is drunk by people between the ages of 12 and 20.” The effects of this are far reaching. […]

  • How To Cope With Alcohol And Drug Withdrawals

    Alcohol and drug addiction have a negative effect on both mind and body. Addictions not only affect you as an individual but it also negatively affects your work and relationships with friends and family. After a certain point, the alcohol and drug addiction leaves you helpless and feeling out of control. At that point, it […]