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  • 5 Compelling Reasons Why to Go to a Drug Addiction Recovery Program

    It is an often-painful truth but a liberating one when accepted: staying in a Drug Addiction Treatment Center can transform lives. There’re nearly too many good reasons to list on why a person facing drug addiction should explore this kind of opportunity if it is open for them. Check out our top 5 compelling reasons […]

  • Getting Help – The Benefits of Addiction Recovery Using a Rehab Center

    So you’ve decided to check in. Rehab isn’t a dirty word, this is a courageous step and one of the first important steps to recovery. Unlike the world where drugs and alcohol are easily accessible and destructive, the right rehab center is a safe, constructive home away from home where healing can begin and hope […]

  • 5 Serious Signs of A Functional Alcoholic

    Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a serious problem affecting about 15 million adults. Kids aren’t immune either with an estimated 620,000 youths succumbing to AUD.  Alcoholism isn’t always obvious. Many people function well, at least for a while, even while abusing alcohol, which may make it hard to admit there is even an issue.  How […]

  • How to Identify the Best Rehab Centres in London

    There are many reputable Detox London centres that have helped thousands of suffering alcohol and drug addicts find sobriety. However, proper caution should be taken when looking for the right rehab centre. This is because services from one center vary from that of the other and if you are not careful, you could end up […]

  • 7 of the Most Addictive Prescription Drugs to Watch Out For

    The U.S. continues to face a drug epidemic. In 2017, 70,000 people died from drug overdoses, and 68 percent of these deaths involved a prescription medication or illicit opioid. This translates to an American dying every 11 minutes from an opioid overdose. Prescription drugs may be the right answers to treat some conditions. If you […]

  • 5 Signs of Opioid Addiction and How to Overcome It

     Opioid dependency is a steadily growing epidemic among Americans. As a medication, opioids work by decreasing the number of pain signals your body sends to the brain. This is great for those who suffer from intense pain. When used long-term, it can lead to abuse and addiction. Among the millions of patients that are prescribed […]

  • Understanding the Triggers for Impulsive Behavior

    Have you ever bought something you did not plan for? Of course, everyone does. Impulsivity is influenced by several human factors and can impact your life in different ways. Most discussions about impulsive behavior or impulsivity (the mental disorder) focus on the adverse manifestations of its symptoms. Humans are mostly impulsive creatures, and the majority […]

  • Which Are the Most Widely Used Drugs in American Colleges?

    In 2017, there were nearly 15 million public school students and over 5 million private school students in America. With this figure on the rise, more people than ever are receiving a college education. This offers new students the opportunity to expand their educational and cultural horizons. But studying isn’t the only thing college kids explore. […]

  • Provide Support: Understanding the Different Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal

    Has your significant other been drinking alcohol almost every day for weeks, months, or even years at a time? If so, their body and mind have likely built up a dependency on alcohol. As a result, they’re going to move through several stages of alcohol withdrawal if they ever try to give alcohol up. The withdrawal […]

  • Is My Addiction Bad Enough?: When to Go to Rehab

    Drinking is a popular way for Americans to unwind. In 2015, 56 percent of American adults reported drinking alcohol sometime in the past month. The same study found that almost 27 percent of adults admitted to binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as about four drinks for women and about five drinks for men, all […]