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  • Solving Addiction Through Separation, Support, and Counseling

    The price of addiction is not always addressed by a mere price. While we understand the sources of addiction, it is hard to allow for the costs of it. The problem is that addicted is not caused by mere physical issues but due to psychological problems that need to be overcome in order for the […]

  • Dr. J. Fred Stoner on the Trends Medical Professionals Are Seeing with Opioid Use

    This country is in the midst of an opioid abuse epidemic. The day you read this article, around 130 Americans will die from opioid overdose, according to statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA. Around 47,000 Americans died in 2017 alone from opioid overdose. These deaths include overdoses from prescription opioids as well […]

  • 5 Incredible Ways Your Life Can Be Transformed by Rehab

    When does recreational use of alcohol or drugs turn into an addiction? No one wants to be addicted to alcohol or drugs. No one wants to admit they are addicted and face the social stigma. But, addictions do not go away on their own, they get worse. When a person realizes they may have an […]

  • 3 Ways to Help Stay Sober When Battling Addiction

    No one plans to become an addict. It is an illness and not a choice. Addiction requires treatment. No one can overcome their addiction on their own. Addiction is a lifelong struggle, even if you no longer participate in the active substance abuse, it is always with you. And when you are ready, there are […]

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    5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Rehab

    Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can affect anyone of any walk of life. Despite the ubiquity of such issues as well as the large amount of promotion for recovery options, it’s not always so easy to identify when you or a loved one might be struggling. Some issues are simply harder […]

  • How To Help A Family Member Recovering From Substance Abuse

    Whenever a family member turns into drug and substance abuse, everyone tries to wonder why they would end up making such a choice in life. The best thing to understand is that substance abuse is a condition one can get over as long as he or she gets all the appropriate help. Family members play […]

  • The Rising Trend of Substance Abuse Among Teenagers and Young Adults

    Unfortunately, there has been noticed a concerning rising trend of substance abuse among teens and young adults from all over the world. Adolescent substance abuse is rising and spreading today at faster rates than ever before. Regardless of the efforts of parents, communities, and schools in educating teens about the negative effects of substance use, […]

  • 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

    Self-care has been a popular trending topic in the media. While emphasis may sometimes be placed more on appearances, the truth is that mental health plays a huge role as well in someone’s feelings of self-acceptance and self-worth. That is because finding joy in things can be difficult when a person is consumed with negative […]

  • Actions to Take Toward Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

    The definitive first step toward addiction recovery is often debated by experts, practitioners, and those living in recovery.  The truth is that no one step exists because every case and every person seeking recovery is unique. Decades of research, observations, surveys, statistics, and interviews have led to general statements and some theories.  The important aspect […]