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  • Finding the Right Alcohol Detox Center in Florida

    What is Alcohol Detox? Alcohol Detox is often the first step in addiction treatment. It’s a critical stage that lays the foundation for a successful road to recovery. During detox, Alcohol is completely flushed from the body. This gives the body a chance to recuperate to a state that is not dependent on Alcohol. Someone […]

  • Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Addiction

    As a parent, you want the best for your child.  This desire is often juxtaposed to the polarizing world your child is growing up in compared to your own childhood experiences.  Today, our youth are living with an onslaught of unique challenges that you, as a parent, couldn’t have even conceived when you were your […]

  • Addiction Among Nurses: It’s Bigger Than You Think

    Did you know that drug and alcohol addiction among nurses is a bigger problem than one might think? It is said that 1 in 10 nurses suffer from an addiction of some kind.  Nurses have more access to prescription drugs than many other people just because they work in the medical field. The same drugs […]

  • Benefits of a Rehabilitation Center When Sobering Up

    You wake with your head in a fog, throbbing from too much imbibing the night before, and the sudden realization that this is happening too often sparks the need to seek help in sobering up. You have had moments where you question if you continually have too many drinks. You admit that you no longer […]

  • Why First Responders Are Facing an Addiction Crisis

    First responders are professionals who provide a lifeline to us when we are faced with life-threatening injuries or a serious event, such as a school shooting. Because first responders are under a great deal of stress in their jobs, they also may need a lifeline of their own, for a substance use disorder (SUD). First […]

  • How To Deal With A Substance Abuse Problem After Being Arrested

    Substance abuse issues tend to lead to an arrest if they are not managed appropriately. Alcohol can lead to drunk driving while other drugs can lead to possession charges. Being arrested can be a jarring experience especially if you have never had any legal issues in the past. You don’t want to plead guilty immediately […]

  • Help a Loved One with Alcohol Addiction

    Drinking has always been a part of Australian culture and for the majority of the population, alcohol consumption is moderate and does not affect their life in a negative way, yet with the many pressures a modern society faces, alcohol is often the crutch. If you know someone whose life is being negatively impacted by […]