Become Energy Independent with Solar Power

As you are no doubt aware, the climate change crisis is not going away, and we should all be looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint to reduce the negative impact we are having on the planet. One way that you can really make a difference is to make the switch from national grid electricity to the clean and renewable energy the sun provides, and if you happen to live in Australia, your government will pay a portion of the cost of installing a state-of-the-art solar power system in your home.

Fossil Fuel Burning Power Stations

When we turn on an appliance at home, the electricity used to power the device is likely generated by a fossil-fuel burning power station, and when you consider the millions of homes across the country that rely heavily on traditional power sources, you begin to realise the problem. Simply put, we are pumping millions of tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere, with the great majority coming from power plants that burn fossil fuels.

Government Grants

If you live in Australia, there are several reasons why solar energy is particularly attractive; Australia receives more hours of sunshine that most other countries, and your state government will pay a portion of the cost of a solar power system installed in your home. This initiative is to encourage homeowners to make the switch to clean energy, and with many thousands already enjoying clean energy, you should take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Sourcing a Solar Power System Supplier

You can easily find out the cost of solar panels in Brisbane from Your Solar Quotes, a website that is dedicated to connecting Australian homeowners with solar energy specialists, and by filling in a few online forms, you will receive 3 free quotes from local solar energy companies. Yes, it really is as simple as that, and the supplier you choose will handle your state grant application, which will save you thousands of dollars.

Flexible Options

If you are thinking about switching to solar energy, you have several options; you could go the whole nine yards and install a system that provides all the power you need, which means you can actually disconnect your home from the national grid. If, on the other hand, you would rather stay connected to the grid, you can select a system that provides a portion of your power needs.

Total Energy Independence

There’s little one can do when the power corporations announce yet another price hike, except pay up, but if you remove yourself from the regular electricity network, then you are longer at the mercy of the power companies. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, you will save around $2,000 per year on your energy costs and there isn’t a better incentive than that!

If you would like to set the ball rolling, search online for a website that offers free solar power quotes and take the first step to becoming energy independent.