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  • Giving Back to Healthcare Workers

    Giving Back to Healthcare Workers The year has been busy. There is still the pandemic happening in addition to regular illnesses. Throughout this entire time there have been some people that can be depended on. These people are healthcare workers. Jordan Sudberg knows that these people are working hard and want to make sure everyone […]

  • Radiologist vs Radiographer – What is the Difference?

    Imaging methods like ultrasound, X-ray, CT scans and MRI view boy organs using imaging machines. Through these findings, a diagnosis can be made. These diagnostic methods will tell your doctor whether you have cancer, fractures, blood clots, and other health conditions. When you are sent to the radiology department such as the Gold Coast radiology […]

  • Four Tips for Writing a Fabulous Healthcare Blog

    Modern society has given us the ability to reach millions with the help of the internet. Our case and point, you’re reading this article. People sitting across the world can communicate with you through their writing and influence you in ways you would never have imagined. Blog writing is one of the most versatile ways […]

  • YANA vs. Insurance Companies

    Ways to Support Healthcare Workers

    The healthcare workers of this country are truly the heroes of 2020. When it comes to the virus, healthcare workers like Chanoch Harow, are putting themselves in danger to help others. These doctors, nurses, therapists, all have families at home. These healthcare workers are putting themselves and their families at risk by working diligently to […]

  • Reform is Needed in the Wake of COVID-19

    Nadia Kiderman has been a veteran healthcare consultant for a number elder care facilities over the last decade. As we all know by now, the Coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes in the industry, and brought to light (at long last) the myriad amount of challenges and issues plaguing the industry. It’s unfortunate that […]

  • Changes to Elder Care Needed

    Nadia Kiderman is a veteran of the healthcare industry with much to share in the form of expert commentary to the masses concerning the missteps that have been taken thus far concerning the mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic. Her commentary can be read on a variety of sites including Thrive Global, Times of Israel and […]