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Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

Cannatonic feminized seeds are now available for purchase for those looking to get started with growing a top-quality crop. Cannatonic seeds carry a high concentration of THC and CBD which results in high standard crops that deliver an intense high on consumption. Both recreational and medicinal users favor Cannatonic seeds as it provides a very reliable, natural remedy for treating a range of medical conditions both mental and physical health-related. This strain in particular was created with the intention of providing medical users with a strain that is high in both CBD and THC. The THC levels in Cannatonic seeds are said to be around 15%. The CBD levels are around 12% which is very high when compared to other seeds or strains of cannabis. Consumption of this hybrid will result in an intense euphoric high that is long-lasting and will enable the user to feel completely relaxed. 

Cannatonic strain is used by many to help combat a range of ailments, as well as being the ideal remedy for curing and preventing common mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression. As well as being a top-notch medicine, it is also a popular strain for simply relaxing or consuming at social events. 

This hybrid is said to be a combination of Indica (50%) and Sativa (50%). The THC, as already mentioned, is around 15% compared to the CBD count at 12%. It is a great choice of strain for those starting out with growing and developing their own crop as is it easy to grow. It grows best indoors or in a continental climate and you should expect to see it flowering around the 10 week period. Cannatonic Feminized seeds can be found in a range of tastes of smells including herbal, pine, and peppery. 

This hybrid strain has a dense frostiness to its texture and appearance once it has been harvested. It has a spicy, pine smell which is not only very easy to grow but delivers a high yield. The parent strains are the female MK Ultra and G13 Haze male. The high CBD content makes this strain very efficient at dealing with pain relief. 

Cannatonic strain when smoked will provide the consumer with a very mellow and relaxed feeling, which is an ideal quality in helping deal with stress and anxiety. The high will be short-lived which makes it a great choice for those looking for a remedy for stress, anxiety, or chronic pains, but also wishes to maintain a clear and focused mind in order to function efficiently throughout the day. As well as the stress relieving properties of this strain, users can expect to feel an uplift in their mood and experience happy, positive emotions. Again, this is an ideal quality of any strain for someone looking for a remedy to cure depression.  
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