CBD Vs Kratom – Which One Gives Better Results in Treating Anxiety


The development of the pharmacy has brought many good things to humanity. An average lifespan is much longer, the quality of life is higher, and human health is generally better than a few decades ago. Yet one fact casts a shadow over the conventional therapies that medicine uses.

Like all synthetic substances, drugs have side effects. The more active the medication is, the riskier it is to take if not used as prescribed. Patients with complicated diseases need conventional therapy and a doctor’s supervision. But for some common ailments, such as headaches, mild fever, mood swings, and so on, people should avoid using medications.

The question is, is there a safer option for treating specific health conditions. Lately, cannabidiol has gained a lot of attention. It has emerged as a natural component with many health benefits and took over the market. Recently, Kratom appeared, and you can look at this page to see how that affected the CBD industry.

Differences between Cannabis and Kratom

The first thing everyone should know is that these two plants differ in almost every aspect. Cannabis ‘gives’ cannabinoids and alkaloids come from Kratom. CBD is hitting the endocannabinoid system. The alkaloid called mitragynine interacts with opioid receptors.

Although both CBD and mitragynine can be used to treat the same diseases, their mechanisms are not similar. CBD acts as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory substance, and mild sedative. On the other hand, the healing properties of Kratom differ depending on the amount taken. Smaller doses have a stimulating effect and act as a pain reliever. Higher amounts can cause a weird sense of euphoria.

What causes a lot of attention is the comparison of these two compounds in terms of safety of use. While CBD is known to have no psychoactive effect, even at higher doses, this is not the case with Kratom. High amounts of alkaloids from this plant can cause a high-like feeling. Luckily, it’s short-lived and not as intense as with real opiates.

Some tips on the safe use of this new natural remedy see below:

How These Compounds Work in People Suffering Anxiety

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The use of CBD or Kratom, as completely natural remedies, can significantly reduce the side effects of drugs. These ingredients calm the patient almost instantly. That can be helpful if patients have panic attacks. Having a bottle of CBD oil or mitragynine gel is always a good idea.

You can take these remedies along with medicines prescribed by the doctor. The other way is to take them as nutritional supplements if you are healthy. Still, if you have been diagnosed with anxiety, neither of these should be used as the primary therapy. Both ingredients are very effective in treating anxiety. Yet, there is not enough scientific evidence to classify them as conventional medicines.

Soothing Benefits of CBD

Still, CBD is a step ahead of Kratom. This plant is ‘the new guy in the hood,’ while medical marijuana has been around for a while. The medicinal properties of cannabis have been tested for many years. Studies have shown many beneficial effects of cannabidiol on people suffering from anxiety.

This substance acts soothing and relieves stress without causing the high-like feeling. CBD activates endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. They have a direct impact on the production of serotonin, also known as ‘the hormone of happiness.’ The lack of this neurotransmitter causes depression. The role of CBD is to naturally increase serotonin levels.

Stimulating Effects of Mitragynine

Alkaloids from all Kratom strains bind to opioid receptors. They stimulate the body so that the user feels energized, almost like they took a mild opioid. The regular use of this substance can improve your mood, make you more relaxed, increase libido, and so on. What is undesirable is that, over time, you can become addicted to Kratom, which is not the case with CBD-based products.

Kratom is an excellent analgesic, and in this area, it shows better results than cannabis. The potential in the use of Kratom for the treatment of anxiety is also noticeable. Still, the advantage in terms of legality, availability, and safety of use is on the side of the CBD.