Cool Treatment for a Cold Season

Winter means a lot of things to a lot of people. It means the end of the year for a lot, holidays for many, many more, and the unfortunate chill that comes with the colder season for New Yorkers. Yes, with the warmth and comfort of the holidays, family gatherings and friendly atmosphere also comes harsh weather and water freezing in mid-air.

Some people like the cold and snow. Some people don’t. And never underestimate the cold. Which can also be a good thing. Yes, if you hate the cold, you probably can’t think of any reason why anyone would like it or find any use for it. But you’d be surprised to hear that there actually is a treatment that utilizes the amazing powers of the cold. Even in this cold weather Coolsculpting in New York and other big cities’ newest favorite way to lose weight, is right now a pretty big deal. And with the weather being cold, why not talk about this cool way to tone the body.

The Cool Way to Tone

You heard me correctly: tone your body with power of cold. Getting into shape isn’t exactly easy. Sure, if you look back after you’ve lost weight, it seems like it was just a blink of an eye, but in reality, it takes a lot of patience and hard work. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always work in our favor. And as hard as you try, there are still some parts of your body which are impossible to tone. 

Now keep in mind: body fat is perfectly fine and is even good for you. You store you energy in body fat. What we’re discussing is excessive body fat in places that might cause you problems, both physically and in terms of your self image.

These problems range from feeling uncomfortable appearing in a family photo, because you’re self conscious about that double chin and it bothers you a lot, to even feeling uncomfortable when walking, because the excess fat layers on the inner thigh rub against each other and cause irritation. There are many, many other discomforts that come with those extra layers of fat. But this is where Coolsculpting comes in.

While these areas cannot be tones naturally through exercise and dieting, they can be tones with the power of cold. The fat cells in these layers have a unique ability. When they come into contact with a certain cold temperature, this being 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit or around 3 degrees Celsius, they commit, what is basically, cell suicide. When coming into contact with this temperatures lower than this threshold, they basically stop functioning and the body rinses them out naturally. So the toning of the body in this case, is pretty much natural. All Coolsculpting does it it simply stimulates the fat cells to self destruct and leaves the rest to your body’s natural abilities.

Cold Facts About the Procedure

So, you’re probably interested to know if the clinic is going to lock you up in a freezing meat locker. No, this is not going to happen. There are special vacuums made specifically for Coolsculpting, which pump and steady stream of cool air to that particular area where you put the pump.

Leaving the pump there for 30 to 40 minutes is enough time for the cold temperature to stimulate the fat cells to self destruct. So, basically, you’ll just be sitting there with a pump or two on various parts of your body. If you’re worried about the cold; don’t be. 3 degrees Celsius is not quite cold; not to mention the fact that your body has the ability to adapt to temperatures very easily and within the first couple of minutes the skin will go numb. Once it goes numb, you won’t feel a thing.

In fact, you won’t even have to do anything. You can just sit back, read a book, watch a movie, talk to the wonderful people over at the clinic. It really is that casual of a procedure. And within the hour, you’ll be free to go home. Because of the simple nature of this procedure, no pre or post treatment maintenance is really required, however it is highly advisable, as with any treatment of any kind, to speak with you doctor just in case.

After the procedure, the areas treated may feel a little fleshy or sore, but this goes away very quickly once the skin returns to its natural temperature and coloration.

Cool Results

Keep in mind; while the cold stimulates the fat cells to self destruct right on the spot, the process of actually rinsing the dead cells out isn’t instantaneous. It takes some time for the body to flush them out. So, while you shouldn’t expect instant results, you will see yourself gradually change, as your body pretty much naturally tones itself in all those hard to tone places. 

And in this cold winter, this’ll be something great for yourself this coming New Year.

But now you’re probably a little flustered. Yeah, it sounds like a good idea, but where to start looking? What clinics offer Coolsculpting and how much do they charge?

The best place to start is to research. Ask friends or family who’ve tried it out. If you don’t know anyone, try looking up online. Most clinics nowadays have their own websites, which offer in-depth information about all their treatments, including the pricing. 

But honestly, if you’re too busy with the holidays and don’t feel like snooping around the internet, try out MiracleFace MedSpa’s Coolsculpting NYC treatment package. The clinic offers the best Coolsculpting equipment, utilized by seasoned veterans of the craft and for a price that’ll barely put a dent in your holiday budget.

And with the holiday season upon us, they’re offering some amazing deals for both first time and loyal clients. So don’t let the cold get the better of you, use it to your advantage and tone you body into perfection.