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  • Is Wine Keto-Friendly?

    Nothing is more enjoyable than that first sip of crisp, white wine.  Whether enjoying your favorite glass of Rose at brunch or sipping canned Sauvignon Blanc on a picnic, you love the cool, refreshing taste of a good quality wine as it hits the back of your tongue and delivers a full range of citrusy […]

  • Machine for rowing: Can it Help With Weight Loss?

    If you’ve been looking for a way to lose weight that involves cardiovascular exercise and involves all major muscle groups, look no further than a machine for rowing.  At home, rowing machines offer a great way to lose weight in the comfort of your own home in as little as thirty minutes a day.  With […]

  • Slimagic Review: All You Need to Know

    We all love to reflect the best versions of ourselves in all aspects, including looks. Some individuals work tirelessly to stay fit, while others go for other means that will give them the killer body they desire. The good news is that anyone can have an ideal body structure with the right advice, effort, and […]

  • Keto Flu How Long Does It Last and What’s the Cure

    Keto Flu: How Long Does It Last and What’s the Cure?

    You are looking into starting the Keto diet and making a great life change. Whether it’s for losing weight or just generally getting healthier, you’ve made the first step into a new lifestyle. Congratulations!  You’re smart and not jumping into a new diet plan without doing your research first. It’s pretty well-known that you’ll be […]

  • 17 Tips for Losing Belly Fat

    17 Tips for Losing Belly Fat

    Belly fat isn’t just annoying; it’s also something that can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other severe conditions.  Reaching a healthy weight will make you feel better. In this article, we’ll go over eighteen proven methods for losing belly fat. Eat High Fiber Foods Soluble fiber promotes weight loss because […]

  • 6 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

    Weight loss goals are one of the most common resolutions at the start of the New Year. Having a goal to lose excessive weight and reach a normal fat percentage in your body is a very admirable task. A healthy weight not only makes you feel better, but also helps fight diseases such as cardiovascular […]

  • What you should know before having weight loss surgery

    When a patient reaches the degree of Severe or Morbid Obesity, the therapeutic objectives of weight loss are difficult to achieve and it is necessary to resort to surgical treatment. When a patient reaches the degree of Severe or Morbid Obesity (BMI [Body Mass Index] equal to or greater than 40 or greater than 35 […]

  • 7 Key Tips for Losing Weight When You’re Obese

    Most of the information out there about weight loss seems to be for the average person. There are plenty of tips for simpler tasks such a toning up a bit or shedding a few pounds. While these tips are useful, they might not apply to your situation. If you are obese, you need advice more […]

  • Cool Treatment for a Cold Season

    Winter means a lot of things to a lot of people. It means the end of the year for a lot, holidays for many, many more, and the unfortunate chill that comes with the colder season for New Yorkers. Yes, with the warmth and comfort of the holidays, family gatherings and friendly atmosphere also comes […]

  • 6 Diets that Can Help You Lose Weight

    Short of amputation, there is no “fast-track” to losing weight. It requires eating well, fitness dedication, and plenty of willpower. If weight-loss was simple, everyone would be looking great all the time. Finding a diet can be tough, and it may seem like you’ve just gone through a workout to find one that works for […]