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  • What Are The Most Important Things When You Want To Lose Weight?

    There are literally thousands of different sites that talk about weight loss these days. You will get in so much information and choosing the best possible options can become difficult. Contrary to what many think, this is not because some of the diets or workout routines are not good. The real reason behind the problem […]

  • 12 shocking benefits of waking up at 4 AM

    One of the least motivational quotes ever coined has to be “The early bird gets the worm”. Who in their right mind wants a squiggly, squishy old annelid as reward for getting up at some ungodly hour? Farmers and milk delivery people have to get up before the sun to work, but the rest of […]

  • Weight Loss Tips To Keep You Motivated

    When you are trying to lose weight there are so many things that can stand in your way. Maybe you aren’t seeing results quickly enough, or maybe you’re living in an unsupportive household. For every little thing that makes you less motivated there are more things that could be motivating you. For some people it’s […]

  • Eat Like Your Ancestors: The Keys to the Paleo Diet

    The Paleo Diet is a rather new dieting strategy that emphasizes eating the way humans did in the past. Just remember this simple tenet: if our ancestors didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either. This means that anything you can’t hunt or find — game, fish, fruits, vegetables, grains — is off the table. The good […]

  • Can Juicing Help You Lose Weight?

    If you are trying to lose weight, you have probably come across a phenomenon known as juicing, which is taking the dieting world by storm. Juicing consists of swapping one or more meals of the day for a juice made from natural fruit and vegetable ingredients, and many dieters are swearing by this method as […]

  • Dynamic Diet – New Comprehensive Diet Plan

    This new weight loss plan attracts all of us who are tired of that “yo-yo dieting” and trying all those new popular diet programs that come out in the media every year. Many of these weight loss programs promise you they work and they do temporarily, but then you gain it right back after you […]

  • Five Tips For Fighting Obesity In Your Family

    Obesity is still running rampant across the United States, and everyone blames someone else. Is it the fast food restaurants fault, or the fault of restaurants whose portion sizes are out of control, or is it the fault of the individual who eats too much? And what if you don’t really eat that much? The […]