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  • What you should know before having weight loss surgery

    When a patient reaches the degree of Severe or Morbid Obesity, the therapeutic objectives of weight loss are difficult to achieve and it is necessary to resort to surgical treatment. When a patient reaches the degree of Severe or Morbid Obesity (BMI [Body Mass Index] equal to or greater than 40 or greater than 35 […]

  • 7 Key Tips for Losing Weight When You’re Obese

    Most of the information out there about weight loss seems to be for the average person. There are plenty of tips for simpler tasks such a toning up a bit or shedding a few pounds. While these tips are useful, they might not apply to your situation. If you are obese, you need advice more […]

  • Cool Treatment for a Cold Season

    Winter means a lot of things to a lot of people. It means the end of the year for a lot, holidays for many, many more, and the unfortunate chill that comes with the colder season for New Yorkers. Yes, with the warmth and comfort of the holidays, family gatherings and friendly atmosphere also comes […]

  • 6 Diets that Can Help You Lose Weight

    Short of amputation, there is no “fast-track” to losing weight. It requires eating well, fitness dedication, and plenty of willpower. If weight-loss was simple, everyone would be looking great all the time. Finding a diet can be tough, and it may seem like you’ve just gone through a workout to find one that works for […]

  • The weight loss tips to help you become the woman you want to be

    When it comes to approaching weight loss, it is more than fair to say that there are countless health tips and tricks (and scams) out there that are marketed towards women and weight loss. It can be overwhelming to sift through it all and figure out what is genuinely helpful, and what is just clickbait […]

  • Losing Weight The Healthy Way

    Weight Loss Many weight loss supplements that exist today have been purported to help people lose weight within a short amount of time. Supplements that make a good attempt are usually dangerous to the human system, especially to people who have medical conditions. Shedding some weight does not necessarily require pills, as there are numerous […]

  • The Common Myths about Weight loss

    Anybody who has tried to lose weight at some point will agree that it’s not an easy thing. It requires some effort and commitment. There is plenty of information out there about losing weight. People tend to lose weight differently; some will lose weight faster than others. But the truth is that you cannot lose […]

  • Fat Burners: How do they work?

    Fat burners are great at helping you shed a few pounds. They are not miracle pills, however. The best outcomes always come with consistent hard work on your end. Burners combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime are your best bets when it comes to losing weight. You need to think of them as […]

  • 5 Experts That Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly & Healthfully

    There are lots of ways to lose weight quickly, but few of these extreme methods receive health professionals’ stamp of approval. Dramatic diets, many people’s go-to weight loss solution, leave most of us feeling hungry, anxious and dissatisfied.  Instead, experts recommend gradual weight loss to achieve and maintain health. Reasonable, steady weight loss enables dieters […]