Dental Supplies – The OObrush

For those who are looking for advanced teeth cleaning technologies that are highly effective at removing plaque, the OObrush is one of the best dental supplies available. An innovative electric toothbrush, the OObrush is a European invention that simultaneously brushes the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth for a complete clean.

The brush consists of circular brushes on both sides which rotate in opposite directions for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. They are also equipped with flexible heads that can cater to an individual’s unique dental arches and tooth shapes, allowing for a more personalised brushing experience. The expert dental suppliers at Orien Dental stock OObrushes for individuals who are looking for new and effective teeth cleaning options.

Why Choose An OObrush?


Professional clinical studies have found that OObrushes, compared to other types of brushes and brushing techniques, reduce plaque index by an additional 14.6 percent. This is because traditional tooth brushes and brushing techniques only partially clean the surface of the teeth whereas the OObrush uses unique technology to thoroughly clean the teeth in a mere 60 seconds.

The design of these dental supplies allows people to save time on their brushing routines, which can make a world of difference each morning before leaving for work or school. In addition to cleaning the surface of the teeth, the OObrush is also designed to remove plaque from the gingival margins by using the ‘bass’ method of tooth brushing, which dentists agree is a superior method of maintaining oral hygiene and preventing tooth decay.

The battery operated nature of the OObrush has the added benefit of doing most of the work for the user. They are also helpful for orthodontic patients who wear braces and require extra effort to clean their teeth. Ultimately, most people will benefit from having access to these excellent dental supplies.

How Best to Use an OObrush

Dentists highly recommend brushing teeth using the ‘bass method’ of brushing. This involves brushing from gum to tooth to avoid impurities being driven below the gum line. The bass method can be difficult to follow with ordinary toothbrushes and most electric toothbrushes, but the OObrush is specially designed to provide high-quality bass method brushing.

When used in this fashion, the OObrush can remove plaque and provide a healthy massage to the gums which promotes better blood circulation and reduces the risk of serious dental conditions such as gingivitis. Investing in quality dental supplies like the OObrush can help people avoid the cost and pain of dealing with such issues later in life.

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