Did COVID-19 Change the Eyewear Market

It’s no secret that Covid-19 affected our lives in many different ways across the past two years, but did you think it affected the way we see? With the transition to working and learning online, people found themselves in front of a phone or computer screen much more than in previous years. This caused an increase in the eyewear market as more people were requiring corrective eyewear during this time. 

The pandemic saw a large increase in computer vision syndrome in both adults and children due to increased blue light exposure from phone and computer screens. So what is computer vision syndrome? It is a condition that causes irritation to the eyes and can include redness, itching, and trouble focusing and is usually brought on by eye strain associated with looking at screens for extended periods. During the pandemic, to combat the rise in computer vision syndrome, corrective eyewear like blue-light filtering glasses and light adaptive contact lenses grew in popularity. Electronic focusing glasses were also brought to the market, but these special kinds of eyewear are often too expensive for customers to buy, especially if they need more than one pair. So what is the solution?

LensFactory offers replacement lenses for already existing frames, which lowers the cost of replacement since only the lenses need to be changed! They offer a wide variety of lenses, including anti-reflection lenses which can help reflect lights that can be irritating or harmful to the eye. Replacement lenses allow for customers to have access to specialized lenses for their personal corrective needs, as well as lowers the cost for customers who find themselves needing corrective eyewear due to the increased screen time during the pandemic. With the increase in individuals who need corrective eyewear, it is important that the cost remains low, and LensFactory ensures that with their system of replacing lenses in eyewear frames.

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright