Do the Drip: Top 5 Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

Did you know that more than a third of the global population is deficient in at least one nutrient? A combination of malnourishment in some parts of the world paired with poor eating habits in other parts has led to a high rate of vitamin deficiency.

There are many ways to supplement nutritional needs in your life. But it can be challenging to revamp your diet or to remember to take a multivitamin each day. This is why IV nutrient therapy has emerged as a popular option.

So what is IV nutrient therapy, and why should you take advantage of it? If you want detailed answers to your questions, we have good news. A Med Spa in Torrance, California has collected a comprehensive FAQ on all their IV drips and vitamin therapy services. No matter where you go next for your vitamin therapy session, make sure to do it under supervision of a board-certified doctor.

What is IV Nutrient Therapy?

IVs have been used in the medical field for generations to treat acute conditions like dehydration. Nutrient therapy is a process where a patient is infused with nutrient-rich fluids through an IV.

Many people first become familiar with this therapy in party towns like Key West or New Orleans where it is offered as a hangover cure. While the infusion of nutrients can be helpful to treat the symptoms of a hangover, it has also proved useful for chronic conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and depression.

How Does it Work?

Nutrient therapy is effective because it simply restores important vitamins and minerals in your body to levels they should already be at. These micronutrients are essential to your body’s overall health. Infusing them can alleviate a wide variety of symptoms.

Matt Heistan of says that getting vitamins through an IV drip is an extremely effective and speedy way to boost your nutrients and energy. This is because an IV infuses the nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

By contrast, a tablet you swallow must be digested and processed by your gastrointestinal system. In some cases, patients who take vitamin supplements orally may experience indigestion. IV therapy also avoids this side effect.

Who Should Use It?

Since vitamin and nutrient can cause a wide range of symptoms, there are many types of people who could benefit from IV nutrient therapy.

As stated earlier, people with chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, allergies, or even cancer can benefit from symptom relief. But IV therapy can also be helpful with acute conditions like PMS or the common cold. It can even help athletes improve performance and reduce recovery time.

Whatever your reasons are for seeking IV nutrient therapy, make sure to share those with your provider. Depending on what type of outcomes you are looking for, you may receive a different “cocktail” of nutrients in your IV.

Take Advantage of IV Nutrient Therapy Today

With the help of IV nutrient therapy, you can start taking charge of your health and making sure you have the nutrients you need. Soon, you will be feeling more recharged and energized.

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