Dr. Richard Jones, Dubai Practitioner, Shares Why Having A Family Medicine Doctor Is Important

Like most people, you probably think of your family doctor as the person you go to when you are sick. While it is true that they can help treat common illnesses, a family doctor like Dr. Richard Jones, Dubai UAE General Practitioner, can do much more than that. They can also help keep you healthy and provide preventive care. This article will discuss why having a family medicine doctor is essential and how they can benefit you and your loved ones!

Family Doctors Provide Routine Care

A family doctor is a medical professional who provides primary care services to patients of all ages. Family doctors typically have a breadth of knowledge that allows them to treat various health concerns, from the common cold to chronic conditions such as diabetes. In addition, family doctors are also well-positioned to provide preventive care and screenings, identify risk factors for disease, and offer guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For these reasons, Dr. Richard Jones, Dubai medical professional, says having a family doctor is essential to staying healthy. Not only can they provide routine care and address minor health concerns, but they can also serve as a valuable resource for information and advice. In short, everyone should have a family doctor to help them stay healthy and informed about their health.

A Family Doctor Can Provide Continuity Of Care

Another critical reason to have a family doctor is that they can provide continuity of care. This means that if you move or need to see a specialist, your family doctor will be familiar with your medical history and can coordinate your care. This is especially important for chronic conditions that require ongoing management.

In addition, seeing the same doctor for routine care can help build trust and communication between you and your doctor. Over time, this can make discussing sensitive topics such as mental health or sexual health easier. Ultimately, having a family doctor you feel comfortable with can make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing.

Having A Family Doctor Is Important For All Ages

Dr. Richard Jones, Dubai physician, says it is never too early (or too late) to start seeing a family doctor. A family doctor is essential for all ages – from babies to seniors.

A family doctor can provide routine well-child visits, immunizations, and advice on common childhood illnesses for infants and children. For adults, a family doctor can provide screenings for conditions such as cancer or heart disease, manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and offer guidance on staying healthy as you age.

What To Look For In A Good Family Doctor

When choosing a family doctor, finding someone you feel comfortable with and with the experience and expertise to meet your needs is essential.

In addition, you should make sure that the doctor’s office is conveniently located and that they offer extended hours or walk-in appointments to accommodate your schedule.

Finally, be sure to ask about the insurance plans that the doctor accepts. This will help ensure you receive the care you need without incurring unexpected costs.

Does Your Insurance Cover Your Doctor?

If you have insurance, you must check if your doctor is covered under your plan. Most insurance plans will cover the cost of seeing a family doctor, but it is always best to double-check before making an appointment.

If you do not have insurance, many options are available to help you pay for the care you need. For example, some doctors offer sliding-scale fees based on income, and several government programs can help cover the cost of medical care.

How To Find A Good Family Care Physician

There are a few things to remember when searching for a family care physician. First, it is essential to find a doctor board-certified in family medicine. This ensures that the doctor has the necessary training and expertise to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Second, finding a convenient doctor for you in terms of location and hours is helpful.

Dr. Richard Jones, Dubaifamily care physician, says you should also ensure that the doctor accepts your insurance plan. Finally, referrals from friends or family members who have found a great family care physician can be helpful. By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure to find a doctor who will meet your needs and provide excellent care for you and your family.


Having a family doctor is vital for many reasons. Family doctors are critical in keeping us healthy, from routine care to managing chronic conditions. They can also offer advice on preventive care and staying healthy as we age.

You should also make sure that the doctor’s office is conveniently located and that they accept your insurance plan. By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure to find a great family doctor for you and your family.