Easy to Follow Tips for Relief from Lower Back Pain


Majority of the people across the globe suffer from lower back pain. It is one of the most common ailments and all thanks to our work like this ailment is on the rise. Initially it begins with a lower back pain and then slowly turns into a pestering ache and needs immediate attention. If you have ever suffered from lower back pain you will know how painful it can be. There are certain easy to follow steps that you can do at home so that you can bring your back pain under control. I was once a victim of this pain and had to suffer a lot for my ignorance but after a certain point of time I decided to bring the situation under control and followed some easy things that improved my condition a lot. So here I am sharing certain things with you so that you can improve your condition if you are suffering from lower back pain.

Medicines Can Play a Significant Role:

There are many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS that plays a vital role in minimizing the pain by reducing the inflammation. As these medicines are easily available they are quite popular choice for treating lower back pain. Popular over the counter medicines are Ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin), aspirin, and naproxen which one can easily get in the market. But don’t go on having them on a long turn basis as they can easily upset the stomach or may be responsible for ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding.

If you want you can also opt for Acetaminophen (Tylenol). But keep in mind that this medicine works differently as it helps to reduce the pain instead of minimizing the inflammation. Although, these medicines guarantee temporary relief however on a long term basis they might be quite harmful for your well being. So it is advisable that one has a word with their doctor and then opt for these medicines.

Heat and Cold….

If you are looking for immediate relief from your pain then opt for deep heat lotions. These lotions are a great way to get instant relief from pain. They heat up the affected area and hence provide relief from the pain. Ice packs and heat also helps to minimize the pain. But in order to get effective effect one needs to alternate between the two. However you need to make sure that the heating pad is not too heated otherwise your skin will get burns. The same is applicable in case of ice pack. In both the case wrap the heat or ice pack with a piece of cloth and then place it on the affected area.

Stretching Exercises….

Any kind of exercise is good for our body. And when you are suffering from lower back pain stretching exercises are extremely beneficial. These exercises help to minimize the pain so that you can easily carry out your daily activities.

However there is one thing that you need to do before you go ahead and follow these tips. The moment you experience a lower back pain, visit your doctor to rule out the chances that you might be suffering from kidney stone. Most doctors recommend that one should return to their daily activities as soon as possible.