Favorite Cheat Meals

Eating healthy is important, but there are times when a person is going to want to eat a cheat meal. They are going to want to have a treat and indulge. Judge Napolitano is a healthy eater. He watches his fat and calorie intake. He tries to eat plenty of vegetables. Napolitano has also known the importance of having a cheat meal only from time to time. These are some of his favorite cheat meals when he is taking a break from healthy eating.


This is one of the most popular meals for cheating on a diet. Pizza has it all. A good crust, plenty of cheese, and some good toppings. Pizza can have everything from eating cheese to tons of meat. The crust can be stuffed with cheese. All of this makes pizza high in fat, calories, and cholesterol. While it is not a meal to have every day once in a while pizza is a great treat.

Ice Cream

This is another treat that many people love. Ice cream is cold and refreshing. It comes in many different flavors. Ice cream can be eaten on a cone or in a cup. There are toppings that can be put on ice cream including hot fudge, cherries, walnuts, and whipped cream. Ice cream may be made from milk but with the toppings and the sweet taste, it is high in sugar. While this is a tasty treat it should only be used as a treat. Too much ice cream can be too much of a good thing.


While pasta is not thought of as a cheat food, to Judge Napolitano it is. Pasta is versatile and can come with many different sauces. There is the classic red tomato sauce and there are other sauces including the heavy and creamy alfredo. Pasta is high in calories and high in carbs. It is not always part of a healthy diet. A big dish of pasta is something that the judge enjoys when he is looking to cheat on his diet. While there are many types of vegetable pasta on the market they are not the same.

Fresh Baked Cookies

Cookies are a treat for many people. Something is comforting about eating a cookie. It is a small treat but many people cannot eat just one. Cookies right out of the oven are the best. They are fresh, soft, chewy and they taste great. When the judge is looking for a treat there is something better than fresh baked cookies. He likes chocolate chip cookies but just about any type of cookie will be good.

These are some of the best cheats foods to enjoy. While the foods are tasty they are not exactly healthy and cannot be consumed daily. When a person follows a balanced diet it is okay to have some cheat foods now and then. These cheat foods are worth holding out for and they are worth enjoying.