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  • Nadia Kiderman on The Need for Elder Care Reform

    Nadia Kiderman has been vocal about the need for there to be reform in the elder care industry. Of course, this is not limited to the elder care industry. The entire healthcare sector has been bogged down for years by archaic and antiquated methods. These are issues that have recently risen to the fore due […]

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    Health Matters: Why isn’t it taken more seriously?

    Helen Schifter has written extensively about the need to educate the world’s youth about the value of leading a healthier lifestyle. As Schifter has eloquently pointed out, we have done a good job about teaching the world’s young people of the need to pursue career and professional development properly. Because of that, so many young […]

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    Uniting for a Healthier Future

    Helen Schifter has been a vocal advocate of the value of healthy living. She has been passionate about spreading information that will hopefully educate many in society about the need to transition to lives that prize and prioritize their health and wellness over much else. In the current environment we are in, health and wellness […]

  • Reform is Needed in the Wake of COVID-19

    Nadia Kiderman has been a veteran healthcare consultant for a number elder care facilities over the last decade. As we all know by now, the Coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes in the industry, and brought to light (at long last) the myriad amount of challenges and issues plaguing the industry. It’s unfortunate that […]

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    Why isn’t Health Taken more Seriously?

    Helen Schifter is someone who has been very passionate about communicating the value of practicing a healthy lifestyle to the masses. Schifter has written extensively about the importance of society embracing a stronger and more concrete approach to leading a healthier lifestyle. This is a message that is neglected by too many at the expense […]

  • Changes to Elder Care Needed

    Nadia Kiderman is a veteran of the healthcare industry with much to share in the form of expert commentary to the masses concerning the missteps that have been taken thus far concerning the mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic. Her commentary can be read on a variety of sites including Thrive Global, Times of Israel and […]

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    When it Comes to Healthcare, We Need More Information

    Josh Nass on Doximity is a profile in courage, exhibiting the sort of medical professionalism that social profiles deserve to have. There needs to be more virtual and digital content that allows consumers the tools they need to be able to research the background of the medical professionals they choose to visit and have care […]

  • Uqora Clinical Tests for Urinary Tract Infection Prevention

    Urinary tract infections (UTIs) rarely hit as a one-off. They come in painful cycles, affecting either the kidneys (acute pyelonephritis), bladder (cystitis), or urethra (urethritis). According to Healthline, UTIs are the second-most common infection that humans can contract and are responsible for approximately eight million doctor visits every year. In fact, one in five women […]

  • dr oz

    Dr. Oz Offers His Advice on Quarantine and Stay-at-Home

    As coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the U.S. and stay-at-home orders are keeping us indoors, many of us are starting to get restless. When will we be able to see our friends and family? How can we stay mentally and physically healthy until regular life resumes? With kids home from school, how […]

  • Dr. Jejurikar Dallas

    Hair Restoration Made Simple: Smart Grafting with Dallas Surgeon Dr. Jejurikar

    Losing hair? You’re not alone. Thousands of people suffer from hair loss every day. Luckily, whether those free-flowing golden locks of yours are thinning out or disappearing entirely, Dallas-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jejurikar has an answer: SmartGraft hair restoration. The Case for SmartGraft Hair Restoration No one votes to lose their hair. Sometimes it happens […]