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  • Benefits of Nature

    There is an abundance of benefits when it comes to nature. By walking around parks, local malls, or even up and down the driveway, one is with nature. Going on hikes and trails is more ideal than walking in the yard, but anything is acceptable. Wellness and nature lovers like Helen Lee Schifter use nature […]

  • How to Become More Appreciative of Nature

    The first way to become more aware of nature’s presence is by meditating in it. In order to do so, wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter, find a place outside that is just right for them. Then, one must sit and focus on breathing in and out at a balanced pace. When first starting out, […]

  • Way to Grow with Zen Buddhism

    In order to develop a true understanding of Zen Buddhism, it’s important to return to the basics. The spirituality in Zen Buddhism is all focused on putting space between different entities and also developing the practice of mediation and tea ceremonies. It will definitely take someone some time to master the art of Zen Buddhism […]

  • Best Yoga Pose for Stress Relief

    Yoga is a world-renowned practice that has helped so many individuals with stress relief. By working on a few positions that help with posture and other mechanisms, relaxation is bound to happen. Zen experts like Helen Lee Schifter practice yoga and mediation as a form of stress relief and to increase peace in their minds.  […]

  • Wellness in Women

    Since broadcast television, women have done their best to take over the health and wellness industry. They are passionate about wellness and have adapted to the research that has been done about body health. Women had stigmas around them that they always had to be paper-thin and weigh very little. Thankfully, due to other women […]

  • Why Monthly Massages Can Help with Long Term Pain

    Our bodies take on a lot of changes during our lifespan. That can include changes in weight, environment, and health. These fluctuations are totally normal and can happen to anyone. Massages can help with the pain our bodies take on. Helen Lee Schifter gets massages frequently because it helps her relieve tension in her spine […]

  • Healthcare Reporter Angela Hart Tweets And Stories Raise Questions About Ethics in Journalism and Social Media

    Even with the advent of ad hoc internet journalism, legitimate reporters are usually constrained in how they express their personal opinions in public.  This position is often mandated by media companies themselves to avoid confusion between their journalists’ reporting and their personal views on social media platforms. It is true that exceptions are made in […]

  • Why Rachel Harow Believes 5 Minutes of Pinterest a Day Keeps Pandemic Feels Away

    Keeping busy during a pandemic is very different for every person. Some garden, some read, and some drown themselves in home improvement projects. Either way, they are all ways to distract ourselves from the harsh reality of the world we live in. Coronavirus has spiked but so has an increase in screen time. As many […]

  • How Baking can Relieve Stress

    Believe it or not, taking out your frustrations on a batch of cookies isn’t always the worst idea. Many have used baking as an outlet for stress and worries because it helps the mind focus on something else. When the world is on lockdown, the best way to adapt is to try new things from […]