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    Why Doctors Don’t Recommend Social Media

    Social media has now been one of the most consuming ways people spend their time. Not only is it used as a way to express options online, but it can be used to share videos, photos, and so much more. With features like the Facebook marketplace, people can now even sell their used or new […]

  • Is Isolation Key To Pandemic Protection?

    Isolation is the most important step to pandemic protection. If a person isolates themselves entirely from the public then there is a greater chance they will not get the virus. Doctors like Chanoch Harow, remind patients to wear a mask and be cautious of the things around them. The more people that follow social distancing […]

  • The Science Behind Hydration

    It is very silly for people to think that drinking juices, high caloric drinks, and high protein drinks are a substitute for water. In order for the digestive system to work properly, water needs to be consumed. Water helps flush out impertinent toxins that hide in the body’s organs and blood. As a result of […]

  • Remaining Respectful

    When a person is in a situation that is caused by a lack of respect, it’s paramount to self-respect. How did I get into this situation? Did I unknowingly disrespect someone? These are questions we should all ask ourselves. Having respect for not only our elders but our community members is very important. There are […]

  • 6 Best Healthy Energy Options for Your Body

    How to Workout Online

    The first way a person can workout online is by hiring a fitness instructor. Many fitness classes are now done virtually because of COVID-19. IT’s clear that this is definitely not the same experience as an in-house workout, but for many, it’s a way to keep supporting local gyms. Those like Helen Lee Schifter, enjoy […]

  • Having a Calm Mind Can Lead to Serenity

    When a person has a calm mind, there can be a lot more proactive activities that occur because of it. Feeling overwhelmed and highly stressed out are very difficult to suppress those emotions. That is why people like Helen Lee Schifter meditate and practice Zen Buddhism. Serenity is never far if the mind is tranquil.  […]

  • Why Mental Health is So Important

    Mental health is very important and constantly underrated by the media. What some media outlets post is very damaging to people’s mental health. The stereotypes, body shaming, negative comments, and so much more are a serious issue for people’s mental health. Helen Lee Schifter is an activist for mental health and wellness. It’s very common […]

  • The Age of Fitness

    The age of fitness is upon us. When a person dedicates themselves to being healthier and more proactive with their fitness, many great things will start happening. Professionals in the industry like Helen Lee Schifter use their platforms to create a non-judgmental wellness space. Many consider fitness and health a traumatic topic. However, once the […]

  • Zen Ways to Relax

    The world is filled with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. It can seem difficult to find ways to feel Zen and relaxed, according to Helen Lee Schifter. However, in the practice of Zen, there are a multitude of ways that relaxation can happen. First, finding a space to meditate is very critical. Mediation can […]