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  • Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies

    Easy alternatives for nutrients and a variety of other health benefits in Shalom Lamm’s household are found in the fruit smoothies he shares with his family. Lamm enjoys the multiple flavors he has learned to create, which makes it easy to also make healthy smoothies his kids will enjoy still sneaking in added vegetables. Mixing […]

  • Father George Rutler: Dedicating His Life to Catholicism

    Over 1.2 billion Catholics exist in the world. They make up for 16% of the world’s population. The religion has such a diverse group of believers who worship the teachings of God and listen to the preachings of the current Pope, Pope Francis. The Catholic Church remains the largest in the world, and people thoroughly […]

  • How I Manage My Work Load

    I know from personal experience that whether it may be working my hardest to impress my new boss, or taking on additional hours to get that well needed promotion, it can be difficult to say no when it comes to getting more work. After all, with everything that’s going on with the pandemic, every dollar […]

  • Benefits of Becoming Vegan

    There are many benefits to healthy eating and changing a diet for health purposes. Helen Lee Schifter knows about the benefits of eating healthy and how it helps the body. While she is not a vegan she knows the benefits of the vegan diet. Rich in Nutrients The vegan diet will help the body get […]

  • Exercise Benefits Later in Life

    While there are many important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, one of the most important aspects is frequent exercise. Frequent exercise has many health benefits for someone’s present health, as well as help keep them healthy later in life. A lifelong habit of frequent exercise brings numerous health perks that benefit a person throughout their […]

  • What I Miss Most About Large Gatherings

    Let’s face it, the Covid pandemic has put a huge Kibosh on large gatherings. And for an Italian like Andrew Napolitano where family gatherings are the essence of family life, it can be a huge strain. One of the biggest tensions in family life for Napolitano is the missed opportunities to attend weddings. Particularly in […]

  • Favorite Fitness Clothing Brands

    With new activewear brands popping up all over at a very rapid pace it can be hard to know where to start when looking for new digs! Of course different styles and brands dominate for different activities, but there are core favorites that cover a variety of activities and lifestyles. When activewear comes up, the […]

  • Benefits of Going to Sleep Early

    A Restful Sleep Shalom Lamm knows that there are many benefits that come with going to sleep early and getting restful sleep on a daily basis. He is known to go to sleep by 9:30 in the evening and to get at least nine hours of deep and restful sleep most nights. Keep in mind, […]

  • Benjamin Cory Harow’s Take on Life After the Pandemic

    Dr. Benjamin Cory Harow has been very vocal about the causes and concerns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. Ever since the virus hit the United States in early 2020, he has been interviewed on numerous news outlets offering tips on how the country could slow the spread and prevent their loved ones from getting sick. He […]

  • My Favorite Tourist Attractions in Italy

    The best way to experience Rome and Vatican City is on foot and early in the morning. Start with a cappuccino at any of the city’s numerous coffee shops. Enjoy the cappuccino standing at the counter elbow to elbow with the locals. It’s the best way to prepare for a walk around Rome. Rome is […]