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  • Is Daylight Savings a Dated Concept?

    There are close to 70 countries globally that use the famously known Daylight-saving Time, DST, except for two states of Arizona and Hawaii. The use of the Daylight Saving Time system in the United States started back in the second world war. The system requires that every year, every second Sunday in the month of […]

  • Dangers of Getting a Sunburn

    Sunburn is an irritating reaction caused by UV radiation damage to the outermost layers of the skin. It is a kind of skin burn resulting from too much exposure to sunlight leading to an increased risk of dark spots, skin cancer, and wrinkles. Signs and symptoms include itchy, red, painful skin than when touched is […]

  • Rehabilitation, Why it is Important

    If a body has suffered an injury or trauma that has caused them physical or mental difficulties that will require rehabilitation, they need to get the help they need. There are several motivations why somebody would need to seek rehabilitation services. These reasons could be as simple as physical damage, such as a whiplash injury […]

  • Self Reflection

    What is self-reflection? Self-reflection is a way of asking oneself questions to uncover deeper truths, understand ourselves better, and gain control over our lives. Self-reflection is a significant part of meditation. Self-reflection has a lot of different meanings. In a broader sense, it is about our responses and perceptions, which in turn can reflect upon […]

  • Favorite Cheat Meals

    Eating healthy is important, but there are times when a person is going to want to eat a cheat meal. They are going to want to have a treat and indulge. Judge Napolitano is a healthy eater. He watches his fat and calorie intake. He tries to eat plenty of vegetables. Napolitano has also known […]

  • How to Keep Your Home Organized

    Most people in the world prefer to live in a clean and clutter-free environment. To some people keeping their surroundings cleaned and organized comes easy for them, but for others, it is a daily struggle. The majority of people can probably agree that clutter just somehow finds a way into our homes. It is not […]

  • How to Properly Moisturize Your Skin

    Moisture, hydration and water content that protects, lubricates, and provides a healthy environment for the skin is paramount to its importance. Everyone wants younger, more healthy skin that looks, feels, and is cared for. As one ages cells change and so does the skin. It is beneficial to address and make moisturizing a practice and […]

  • The Importance of Yearly Physicals

    Health is something that is important to everyone. It is recommended that each and every person gets their physical examination done every single year. There are many benefits that come with getting the physical examination done. The yearly physical exam is something that is very important to prioritize. Cory Harow has stated that it lets […]

  • How to Reinvent Yourself

    Believe it or not, comfort is always the enemy. This is the main reason why we should constantly reinvent ourselves. Another important fact to remember is that life is always spontaneous. We must, therefore, learn how to reinvent ourselves if we want to adapt to life’s spontaneity or fulfill our heart’s desires. Social media is […]

  • Portrayal of Women in the Media

    All over the world, mass media has the role of informing and educating and in the process fashion a distinctive way and model how society works. Mass media influences the way people in a society think about issues around them. In an ideal egalitarian society, both women and men ought to enjoy equal rights as […]