Five Health Benefits Of Nootropics

You may have heard about nootropics. They came into public focus just a few years ago, indeed the word was only coined in the early 1970s and  they have become very popular. What are they and how can they help improve your health?

Nootropics are also known as cognitive enhancers, smart drugs or even brain boosters. Whatever you call them they are supposed to improve brain function, including memory and focus. They are used by students to help them work for examinations and by the not so young to help with memory retention.

There can be some side effects from some brain enhancing drugs but many of these brain supplements contain a spread of versatile ingredients which can help your memory in many different ways. Like any natural alternative supplement, it is always advisable to seek a medical practitioners advice before proceeding.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of nootropics.


1 Age Related Decline

Having an unhealthy brain can result in poor memory which worsens as we age and a good nootropic can certainly help with that particular decline but they have also been shown to help with several signs of aging and stress. Poor brain health can show up as problematic metabolism, impaired vision and the obvious signs of aging like wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Getting a better diet will certainly help and there is little doubt that poor diet does contribute to many age related problems but some of these issues are not helped by a decline in brain health and that is where nootropics can be shown to be of benefit,aiding sleep patterns by calming nerves in your brain and can also help by keeping the nervous system healthy leading to less problems like essential tremors again often associated with age.

2 Increasing Concentration

Concentration can be an issue for many of us and an inability to concentrate has an impact on memory function and memory retention. Students in particular can find concentrating for anything other than a minimum level of time, quite difficult and a suitable nootropic can assist to improve brain function by boosting mood and motivation which can lead to clarity and focus leading to increased levels of concentration.


  1. Mood Improvement

Closely associated with concentration levels is often a low mood. This is the major reason why concentration levels can be poor. There are several studies demonstrating that haphazard sleeping patterns and irregular eating habits can adversely affect the mood and in turn that can lead to increased stress levels and depression. A suitable cognitive enhancer can aid the mood enhancing receptors in the brain and that in turn can help with some issues like social anxiety and stress levels. Improving any of those can also aid with concentration levels.

4 Memory Boost

We can read and understand something quite readily but retrieving the salient points later can often prove difficult. There are a lot of stages in laying down a memory in the correct format or file to be able to pick it up at a later stage and many people do suffer from poor memory retention particularly as we age. Nootropics have been shown to improve brain cell growth and neuron connectors which are essential for long term memory recall.

5 Brain Health

If you decide to take a brain booster then you will be also helping with your brain health. The modern brain is in serious danger of overload and takes some serious knocking about on a daily basis. Life has got a lot faster. Engaging with all those schedules and eating at odd times can have detrimental effects on your brain health. Taking a nootropic can increase the oxygen flow to the brain and enhance the brains health and efficiency and some nootropics can help with brain cell growth. Taking fish oil as part of the nootropic “stack” as its called can help with general brain health.