Five Reasons to Be Excited About Your Upcoming Spine Surgery

There are many reasons why you might be going to the hospital for a scheduled spine surgery. It’s true that it can be scary, but with advances in technology, you don’t have to be scared. There are many reasons why your upcoming spine surgery will go better than you think.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries Are Becoming the Norm

Spine surgery used to be a huge deal. That’s because traditional procedures were very invasive. Today, most spine surgeries are minimally invasive.

A minimally invasive surgery requires a much smaller incision, and because advanced imaging techniques and medical equipment enable doctors to separate, instead of cut, muscles, and tissues, these procedures are able to protect healthy tissue and maintain the existing structure of your spine.

A minimally invasive procedure requires plenty of special training, but it can be a lot less strenuous, and it can take less time than traditional procedures. That is good for the doctor, but it’s good for you too. It means you’ll spend less time in the operating room where something could potentially go wrong, and you’ll spend less time in the hospital after your procedure is done.

Just a few of the latest advancements in spinal surgery include:

  • Endoscopic spine surgery: Tools are inserted through a small tube with a camera, providing good visibility, light, and 3D depth perception for a variety of procedures.
  • Robotic-assisted spinal surgery: Using a computer-guided surgical robot, surgeons can place spinal hardware more accurately, ultimately making the procedure safer.
  • Artificial intelligence: Surgeons are able to use artificial intelligence and computers to review patient data outcomes to determine the best procedure to perform.

Better Cosmetic Results

A traditional spine surgery would leave you with a large scar that you then might want to try and cover up, either by using makeup when wearing a swimsuit at the pool or by wearing full-coverage clothing, even if you would love to wear an open-back shirt or dress.

Modern procedures strive to provide a higher quality of care with a much smaller incision. In some cases, the incision may be so small that most people won’t even notice it’s there, enabling you to wear whatever you want without feeling self-conscious. 

Less Pain

Without spine surgery, you will likely spend the rest of your life living with chronic pain. By taking the plunge and scheduling a surgery, you can eventually look forward to a life with a little less pain.

Not only will you experience less pain years after your surgery, you’ll also experience less pain immediately after the procedure. Because spine surgeries are less invasive than the past, and because muscles and tissue no longer have to be cut, you’ll find that you feel a lot better immediately after the surgery than you thought.

Shorter Recovery Time

Recovering from spine surgery takes time, no matter what kind of procedure you have. In some cases, it could take up to a year or more, but with innovations in modern spine surgery, you’ll find that your recovery takes a lot less time.

You will still likely require help from a physical therapist, but when less damage has been done to your spine because surgery is less invasive, there is a lot less of your body that needs to recover. With a modern surgery and exercises recommended by your surgeon and your physical therapist, you’ll find that you can get back to doing your favorite activities much sooner.

Live Life on Your Terms

Back pain can rule your life. It can cause you to stop doing activities you love, and it can cause you to spend less time with the people you love as you stay at home, trying to avoid feeling pain.

Instead of putting up with one of the many causes of your back pain, a surgery can help you tackle it head-on. Things may be a struggle immediately after your surgery, but as the weeks go by and you’re able to heal, you’ll find that you can go for walks, spend time gardening in your yard, and you can help out with the kids again.

The idea of having spine surgery can be scary. After all, it’s your spine that enables you to walk! Don’t let the fear of what could happen keep you from having an important spine surgery. With procedures that are less invasive, shorter recovery times, and fewer embarrassing scars, there are more reasons than ever before to take the advice of your doctor and schedule an appointment with a spine surgeon.