Get Your Sex Life Back on Track: 4 Intimacy Tips for Couples

If you feel that you are at a point in your relationship where you are not enjoying sex as much with your partner, you are not alone. Sexual dry spells tend to happen the longer we are with the same person. Sex is sometimes such a taboo topic that it makes it hard to know who to turn to and talk about intimacy tips.

Here we have our top tips for a healthy sex life. 

1. Sex Class

A sex class might be something you have never thought of before, but it can truly open up an entirely new avenue of sex play. You can learn things like new positions, new toys, techniques, and props for some intimate fun with your partner. 

The environment is usually fun and not an intimidating one, where everyone is open to learning about the same topic. Whether you have to go to a mens health clinic or have to work on your libido a sex class will compliment whatever you are already doing.

After your class, make sure to practice everything you learn and notice those sparks fly. 

2. Erotic Movies

Add some couple-friendly porn into your next sex night and see how it goes. Watching erotic movies together will help both of you experience different arousal scenarios. 

Sometimes the naughty feeling you get just from renting an x-rated movie will make you more frisky. Keep in mind that you don’t have to compare your own sex life with the movies, this is just for a little extra spice in your bedroom.

3. Pleasure Yourself

Instead of hiding while you pleasure yourself, do it in front of your partner. When you are masturbating in front of them they can witness you enjoying sexual pleasure and will help build intimacy. 

When you allow your partner to see how and where you like to be touched, it will put you at a vulnerable state that will create another bond between both of you. 

4. Attend a Convention

Believe it or not, there are conventions for sex. You can take a walk on the wild side and attend one where you can learn a ton of new ideas and put them to practice that evening. 

Usually, at conventions, you can observe sex play without participating. This is perfect for couples that would prefer to not attend a sex class because they are a bit nervous about sitting in a class with more people. 

Time to Practice These Intimacy Tips

Now that you have our top intimacy tips, you can get to work and start practicing right away. You will begin to notice your mood improving, and a greater bond with your other half. 

Sometimes stress and time are huge contributors to putting sex on the back burner. If you are guilty of this, it is time to tap into your inner needs and put your sex life first. 

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