Healthy Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner and thanksgiving making you think about all of your loved ones, this season truly is a time of giving and receiving. Sometimes they’re large gifts and sometimes they’re something small just to make sure that they know that you’re thinking about them. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can tell you’ve given a good gift if it lifts the spirits and attitude of the person you’re giving it to. Some of the best ways to do this is with Zen gifts. Zen gifts are a specific type of gift that are supposed to help ease the stress of the recipient and help them relax. Here are a couple different gift ideas that might be nice to help a loved one rest and relax.

1.      Meditation stones. 

I’m sure you remember the trend of fidget spinners. It seemed like almost everyone had one. Those were small toys that were meant to help people with attention disorders focus and channel all of their excess energy into something else. Meditation stones work in a similar way. Meditation gifts help the user to channel all of their stress into an object which then calms them down. These stones are natural and are smooth to the touch. They are naturally curved and fit easily into a pocket. The owner of this stone can keep it close by and when they’re feeling exceptionally stressed or just want to relax for a second, they can pull out the stone and feel the natural gloss as they rub their hand over the smooth surface.

2.      Essential oils and diffusers. 

Essential oils have healing properties and characteristics that continue to be developed and found out. Not only that, but they can create an atmosphere for different holidays and seasons. There are so many different oils and blends that bring about different properties in the home. Lavender for instance helps induce sleep and can be diffused when things are winding down for the night. Citrus and lemon help to clear sinuses and on guard will help to prevent illnesses and common colds. There are lots of books on combinations and their healing properties as well. If you were really looking to make someone’s day, you could get them a set of oils and a book on how they can be used.

3.      Salt or aromatherapy lamps. 

Not only do they add a brightness and a texture to the home that is unique to these lamps, but they also have a cleansing effect that makes a noticeable difference. You can get different salts and shapes to find something that would fit better with whoever you’re giving this to as well. Not only are they good for Christmas gifts, but they’re also great for white elephants or casual gifts as well.

Although only three different products were listed above, there are substantial options as to what you might be able to share with someone this giving season to brighten their mood and make them feel more “healthy.”