High Profile Red Carpet Make-Up Artists Share Their Secrets

We all envy actors and actresses whenever they grace the red carpet. They just look so perfect; leaving everyone envious of their looks and beauty. Even though we all know that every actor is backed by a team of talented makeup artists, we still envy their beauty. This is because everyone knows how hard it can be to apply makeup. The red carpet is a canvas for makeup artists. A place where they can display their talent with makeup of all kinds. 

If you’re someone who finds it hard to produce good results with makeup, then today’s article might be able to help you out. We are going to be taking a look at some great makeup tips that various high profile makeup artists have shared with us. Their secrets will help you take your makeup game to the next level. Sure, you cannot expect to outclass the divas gracing the red carpet, but you can make jaws drop on regular carpets.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Every makeup artist gives hydration a lot of importance. Before you begin applying anything on your skin, you need to ensure that your skin is adequately hydrated. You can do this by applying a hydrating mask before your makeup routine. You can also consider looking for professional facial treatments in Johns Creek to really make your skin pop. A hydrated skin provides a glowing and lively canvas on which you can apply makeup. A really useful tidbit from one makeup artist is that instead of using a primer, you could apply a light serum onto your skin instead.

Maximise Skin Glow

Layers and layers of makeup look nice, but nothing can beat the natural beauty of glowing skin. During summertime, makeup artists do everything that they can to utilise the skin’s natural glow. They go for a “glowing from the inside” look that has a superb natural appeal to it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Textures

Most people think that makeup is all about getting a uniform look throughout your face. This is true to an extent, but this does not mean you should be afraid of textures. Makeup artists use products with a variety of different textures. They blend all of these textures to come up with a wholly different aesthetic. For example, it is common to use creamy bases and then cover them in powder-based products to create a velvety texture. Remember, blending is your best friend when it comes to makeup. The right kind of blending can create looks that many would think of as impossible.

Use The Eyes as a Center Point

There’s a lot of debating about where should one start with their makeup. According to red carpet makeup artists, you should begin with the eyes. A typical red carpet makeup routine starts with moisturiser on the skin, followed by the eyebrows, then work on the eye, and then move towards the rest of the face. This approach allows you to apply makeup with a more natural appeal to it. 

Know Your Shades

This may seem like rookie advice, but shades are really, really important. Each and every shade matters; from the base that you apply to the eyeliner that you put on as a finishing touch. Some of the best makeup artists say that the right way to select the right shade is to do so in natural light. Find someplace with plenty of natural light, and then place a dab of product on the side of your neck. Any product that matches with the side of your neck will match with the rest of your face as well.

The Power of Neutrality

Dabbing a variety of shades on your face is fun and interesting; however, picking a neutral colour is a great option for anyone wanting to make a subtle yet powerful impact. A-grade makeup artists recommend that you find a warm tone that is one shade darker than your skin colour and work with that. This will result in a subtle, natural, and glowing look that will emphasise your eyes and bring out your natural appeal.

The Role of Eyebrows in Sculpting

Our eyebrows are a very noticeable part of our faces. Makeup artists use them to the fullest for bringing significant changes to our faces. A well-shaped brow can add immediate depth to your face and really take your sculpting game to the next level. The red carpet brow treatment involves colouring under the eyebrows to make them look fuller and darker. After the right amount of colouring has been done, simply add gel to your brows and comb them upwards. This technique sounds simple, but the difference that it can make to your face is incredible.