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  • High Profile Red Carpet Make-Up Artists Share Their Secrets

    We all envy actors and actresses whenever they grace the red carpet. They just look so perfect; leaving everyone envious of their looks and beauty. Even though we all know that every actor is backed by a team of talented makeup artists, we still envy their beauty. This is because everyone knows how hard it […]

  • Young Rapper’s Death Prompts Trademark Battle to Honor his Memory with Slogan THE MARATHON CONTINUES

    Soon after rapper Nipsey Hussle’s death in March, 2019 the LA Crips filed a trademark application for the slogan “THE MARATHON CONTINUES” under their holding company, Crips LLC. The rapper had been associated with the gang, and his death has prompted a focus on community work and gang prevention in Los Angeles from both the […]

  • Keep Your Guests Talking: Tips For Choosing The Right Band For Your Wedding

    Don’t Skimp on These Wedding Essentials

    When it comes to weddings, they are a magical affair. They can also be very expensive. As you start planning your wedding, it can be easy to try to save money by going the budget route in certain areas. Some areas are easy to cut costs. You can curate your own music for the wedding […]

  • How To Be Eco-Friendly On Your Wedding Day

    Whenever someone proposes the idea of an eco-friendly wedding, most bride and grooms balk. They’re already spending a fortune, and assume that throwing a green weeding would only increase the amount of money they have to spend. They’ve already paid for guests to be invited, bought expensive wedding attire, rented a venue, and the added […]

  • Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths in 2017

    Hollywood had a rough time in 2017, as a number of beloved stars passed away in 2017. From unexpected deaths to suicide, no matter how celebrities die, the entire world is mourning them. At the same time, they will always be remembered for their movies, songs or personality. Both the media and their fans do […]