How clinically depressed patients find hope in TMS Health Solutions

Do you or anyone you know suffer from depression? Do you want to avoid the side effects of anti-depressant medication? Many do, as the unwanted downsides to medication are experienced as invasive in the patient’s life. Weight gain, addiction, and concern of what it is like to live without it after a long time on it. There are also a group of patients that see no improvement after having gone to therapy for a long time, also combined with anti-depressants. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an innovative therapy method to treat a depression without causing unwanted changes in the everyday life of the patients. TMS Health Solutions help people who suffer from depression and chronic pain. Another great benefit from this medicinal technology is that it shows evidence of slowing down the progress of dementia.

A relief from side-effects

First of all, this innovative therapy has no known side-effects. It is not a drug or a substance, and therefore there are no effects on the body. It can be experienced as uncomfortable to receive the treatment, but this has been reported to be a mild discomfort that seizes once the treatment is over. It can feel somewhat like doing an x-ray procedure. The treatment is approved by the FDA, and as it only touches the specific part of the brain that controls the mood, it ensures that effects on the mind as a whole do not happen.

Non-invasive treatment plan

Those who suffer from clinical depression will be able to continue their lives like normal. No routines are required before the treatment, neither after it. The patient will not need any sedation or recovery time. It is not needed to be accompanied by family or others unless this is wanted for emotional support, which is always recommended, though not required, to patients with any kind of health issue. The treatments take between half an hour to an hour and can be done without interfering much in the patient’s schedule.

No medicine addiction

When the patient reports a significant improvement, it is possible to quit the treatment without any preparation over time. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation causes the brain to eventually to do what the treatment is doing, all by itself. In contrast to medicine and conversation therapy, the patient will not feel at a loss if the treatment stops abruptly. On the contrary, the effects of TMS is stable in the brains of patients as the brain will not need any outside stimulation after being able to develop the necessary connections between neurons itself.

Attentive staff

Patients who suffer from clinical depression report feeling that the medication is an additional problem to their disease. The side-effects and fear of addiction to the drugs can, to some, feel like a second illness. Medication does not cause an effect as long-lasting as that of TMS Health Solutions, and there is no prospect of needing frequent medication in the future. The health professionals at TMS Health Solutions follow and check up on patients after ended treatment to make sure that the disease is not coming back.

A solution to chronic pain

Migraine patients have felt for too long that there is no real solution to their problem. It is typical to be given advice on how to avoid coming seizures, but it is not easy to follow up. Avoiding stress is not always a choice, depending on life situations and jobs. For those who suffer frequent seizures, a daily treatment at a TMS Health Solutions facility will give rapid improvements. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been proven to have a significant effect on other chronic pain diseases, that are caused by brain trauma and trigeminal neuralgia.