How do You Get Rid of Dry Eyes in Winnipeg

There are many minor medical ailments that affect a great number of people throughout their lives. We have to remember that many of our vital parts are exposed, and among the most exposed are our eyes. Of course, they need to be in order to do their job, but this does lead them to be vulnerable to certain conditions.

One very common eye problem is dry eyes. What is it, what causes it, and how should it be treated? Let’s first explain what dry eyes are, how you can tell you are suffering, and the possible causes you can eliminate. We will then talk about further treatment for your dry eyes problem.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

If you want to know who treats Dry Eyes Winnipeg – is a great example of a clinic that can help. Before you call them, let’s look at the symptoms and causes of dry eyes. The following is a list of sensations and factors you might notice that indicate dry eyes:

  • Your eyes are itchy ad irritable
  • You feel sore in your eyes
  • The eyes feel gritty as if they have something in them
  • Visibly red eyes are a symptom
  • Your sight becomes blurry
  • You find your eyes more sensitive to light
  • Your eyes are more watery than normal

Your eyes are kept lubricated by the tear ducts – just enough to keep them working properly – but in a case of dry eyes, something has stopped that tear production resulting in one or some of the symptoms listed above. There are some natural and some other factors that can lead to you suffering dry eyes, so here are the most commonly reported causes:

  • You are over the age of 50
  • You wear contact lenses for lengthy periods
  • You work at a computer screen without regular breaks
  • You spend a lot of time in air conditioned or heated environments
  • The weather and environment you are in is windy, cold, dry, or dusty
  • You are a smoker or drink excess alcohol
  • Certain medicines such as anti-depressants and blook pressure treatments can lead to dry eyes
  • You have a condition such as lupus and others that are associated with dry eyes.

From that list we can see there are things that a sufferer can do to try and solve the problem. So, is dry eyes a dangerous condition, and if none of the above solve the problem, what can you do?

Is Dry Eyes Dangerous?

Put simply dry eyes is a common problem with people of all ages and is not in any way a danger. It is, however, irritating beyond belief and may be a problem should you have to drive. If you have looked at the advice and cut down on alcohol, stopped smoking, moved out of the air-conditioned office and so on and nothing has changed it is time to seek medical advice. Fortunately, dry eyes can be successfully treated at a Winnipeg clinic such as that mentioned above, so that should be your next place to call.

How Can I Get Rid of Dry Eyes?

Many patients successfully treat dry eyes themselves by altering the environment around them to be more suitable. However, this doesn’t work for everyone, and professional treatment may be the only way.

If you arrange a consultation with a dry eyes clinic in Winnipeg you will talk to experts who can find the root source of your condition which may be a medical one, and they will then put together a dry eye treatment plan that should solve your annoying condition permanently.