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How Natural Silver Bedding Can Kill Germs

Let’s face it; there are two groups of people in the world; those who wash their bed linens incessantly, and those that prefer to let their bed linens “ripen” for weeks at a time.  We get it; once the sheets go on the bed, most of us forget about them until they start to develop unpleasant odors or file a little dirty.  No matter in which group you find yourself, you may be surprised to know that both groups experience the same amount of bacterial (aka disgusting dead skin cell and tiny mite germ) growth in their linens.  If you’re already disgusted, keep reading. 

Our beds are breeding grounds for bacteria and dirt.  Even if you think you are preventing germs by showering before you get in bed every night, that is not the case.  While you might prevent some surface dirt from the bottoms of your feet, the palms of your hands, or your head from entering your bed sheets, the real culprits that cause bacterial growth in bed sheets are the perfectly healthy, shower-cleaned humans that sleep in them each night.  Our dead skin cells, body sweat, and saliva (we see you mouth-breathers) create a bacterial breeding ground that we can liken to a petri dish.  No matter how many times you wash your bed sheets, the fact that you still sleep in them every night means that bacteria is still going to grow. 

If that doesn’t make you cringe, just know that there are also families of tiny skin-cell eating mites that take up residency in your sheets and feast on the particles that flake off of your body and the resulting bacteria it creates.  This isn’t the stuff of nightmares, it’s actual reality.  If this is concerning to you, you should give anti-bacterial silver bedding a try. anti-bacterial silver bedding can help eliminate this virtual crime scene going on in our sacred sleeping places.   

What is Anti-Bacterial Silver Bedding?

If the aforementioned science projects happening in your sheets give you enough anxiety to stay up all night, we’re with you.  That’s why we’re switching to anti-bacterial silver bedding to help keep bacteria at bay without having to wash our bed linens on a daily basis. 

Anti-bacterial silver bedding is a system of bed linens that are crafted with silver fibers woven into them that effectively kill and eliminate bacterial growth.  This means you can sleep comfortably in sheets that aren’t infected with germs, mildew, and odors that are so common in all our beds. 

How does this silver actually get into our sheets?  It’s pretty simple.  Silver fibers are whittled down into tiny filaments that are fused together to form silver threads.  These threads are then woven into fabric, creating natural silver sheets.  These sheets are machine wash and dryable, and do not require any special care.  In fact, you’ll need to wash these sheets less than normal bedsheets, as they stay fresher and germ free longer!  Anti-bacterial silver bedding is 99.9% effective at eliminating bacteria and preventing it from growing.  That means less laundry, which equates to less time and money, and less impact on the environment. 

How Does Silver Kill Bacteria?

It’s Simple science.  Silver ions are like crime fighting superheroes and their arch nemesis are bacterial cells.  Silver ions can damage the bacteria cells and kill them, which not only eliminates bacteria but prevents it from reproducing.  Additionally, the freshly killed bacteria are now “infected” with the silver, making them effective in killing other bacterial cells with which they come in contact.  This is a virtual zombie apocalypse situation happening right in your bed sheets! 

With all this germ fighting going on, you will notice less undesirable odors in your sheets and enjoy sheets that feel fresh from the dryer clean on a nightly basis.  Your anti-bacterial silver bed linens won’t need cleaning as much; in fact you can go weeks at a time without washing them (group two people, rejoice). 

If you’re afraid you’ll have to give up luxury for germ fighting, you needn’t worry.  You can purchase anti-bacterial silver sheet sets in super soft, velvety rich 650 thread count Supima cotton.  These sheets not only feel like whipped cream, they look crisp and beautiful in on any bed. 

Our beds are breeding grounds for bacteria which can lead to odors, sheets that feel grimy, and need washing more frequently.  Even washing normal sheet sets doesn’t do the job of eliminating bacteria where it starts.  The best option for sheets that remain clean and odor free for more than just a few days is to invest in all natural, anti-bacterial silver bedding.  These sheets are woven with special silver fibers that effectively kill and eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria that grows naturally in our sheets.  You never have to sacrifice luxury for germ fighting either, you can purchase anti-bacterial sheets crafted from high thread count, luxury cotton.