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David van der Ende is a full-time blogger and part-time graphic design enthusiast. He loves to write about a broad range of topics, but his professional background in both legal and finance drives him to write on these two subjects most frequently.

  • Storage Pods Getting New Life as COVID Medical Rooms

    The United States is suffering a massive blow thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that there are over nine million active COVID-19 cases, with over 230,000 deaths. Governments have rushed to save their populations around the world, putting up new structures to deal with the influx of cases and […]

  • 7 Food Items Which Must Be a Part of Your Diet

    Many people believe that the primary element of a healthy diet is the exclusion of all unhealthy foods. However, your diet cannot be beneficial if you do not consume the right nutrients, which will come from some health-boosting foods. Here is a list of some foods you need to stock up on for a healthy […]

  • What Are the Most Important Tips for People to Follow for Safe Sex?

    When it comes to health and wellness, it seems like there are a few topics that people want to stay away from. There are some topics that people consider to be incredibly personal and do not want to talk about with anyone except their doctor. At the same time, in order for everyone to remain […]

  • How to cook healthy foods

    Eating healthier Everyone knows that having a nutritious, balanced diet is great for your body and mental health. We understand that getting started on eating healthy can be quite tough and complicated with all the conflicting information out there. Luckily for you, this article is going to go through some simple tips on how to […]

  • Shockwave Therapy 101

    Also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy, shockwave therapy is the use of soundwaves to stimulate the immune system of the body and release contracted stiffness. Shockwave therapy is largely used in the sporting industry, horse racing, and several other areas such as wound healing and vascular therapy. The good thing with shockwave therapy is that […]

  • How to Prepare for Your 3D Ultrasound

    Pregnancy is an exciting time for any mother-to-be, and having a 3D ultrasound is a great way to get your first up-close look at your new bundle of joy. 3D ultrasounds offer expectant parents a close look at their baby’s facial features, and many parents spend time deciding whose features and traits the baby has. […]

  • Social Work Workshop: necessary need of the present’s world.

    The world is growing day by day in aspects of every topic. People live in a society and they have to face a lot of issues and social works. But don’t you think you should get a Social Work Workshop to get awareness about social issues like domestic violence, social work ethics, and awareness about […]

  • 6 Tricks for Cutting Calories in Your Diet

    While you’ve been busy with life, you realize you’ve gained a few pounds. Perhaps it’s been additional stress or an unexpected change in your routine. Unfortunately, putting on weight seems to take little effort while losing it can be a struggle. It’s easy to lose track of your eating habits. Although getting rid of pounds […]

  • 5 Ways in Which Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

    Research has tied cosmetic surgery to improved self-confidence and a better mood. While there are numerous reasons why you may choose to go under the knife, research done by Science Daily has also shown that most people today are turning to plastic surgery to boost their self-confidence. Whether it’s to improve a person’s appearance or […]

  • How to Prepare for Retina Surgery

    If you have macular degeneration, a medical condition that causes your vision to deteriorate, your doctor may recommend that you undergo retinal surgery. This is a major type of surgery that can correct retinal detachment, which occurs when the retina suffers a tear and fluid accumulates underneath it. As a result, it’s important to properly […]