Alex Hamilton

  • How Family and Friends Play a Role in Addiction Recovery

    Addiction recovery is a lifelong process that involves more than just the recovering individual. Family and friends play a large role in the recovery journey. Since each individual is different, each person impacted by the consequences of the addiction will need to go through their own process of recovery. According to the National Institute for […]

  • Kevin Dalby, Austin Local Cancer Research Doctor, Reveals 8 Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer

    Healthy lifestyle choices can save your life, especially when it comes to cancer prevention. Though cancer is the second-leading killer for America’s citizens, there is still a considerable lack of unawareness to knowledge surrounding what unhealthy habits presently practiced will welcome the disease in the future. Educating yourself is key to reducing the risk of […]

  • What Are Yoni Pearls?

    Yoni Pearls are a natural feminine detox and vaginal restoration solution. Each pearl contains a combination of several potent herbs that can help to rid the vagina of bad bacteria and toxins. Using Yoni Pearls improves vaginal health overall and can help protect and cleanse the womb. Many women find their way to Yoni Pearls […]

  • What Does Foaming Cleanser Help With

    Odds are that you have tons of different facial products already in your skincare arsenal – do you really need a foaming cleanser? Foaming cleansers definitely live up to the hype since they can cleanse and exfoliate your skin gently without stripping the skin of natural oils and nutrients. Foaming cleansers are a great option […]

  • How Does Anti Aging CBD Moisturizer Work?

    CBD is not alphabetical acronym for another public organization or sports league like the NBA, MLB, NFL, or the NHL. CBD is a shortened title for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring chemical compound that exists inside cannabis plants, or more popularly known as marijuana.  CBD is one of the two main ingredients of cannabis; the core […]

  • 4 Factors of Sexual Wellness

    When you hear the words “sexual wellness”, it might be something that’s unheard of to some people. Some might not even know what it means. If you are among those who may not know what it entails, you are not alone.  Thankfully, we’re here to help you out. By the time you finish reading this, […]

  • Why Should You Take an Herbal Nootropic?

    People taking nootropics is not big, surprising news. It is so commonplace now that most people wouldn’t bat an eye if they heard someone mentioning them. They are essentially just like any regular old supplement now. The only thing of real importance, however, is what kind of nootropic you are talking about. You’ve got synthetic […]

  • When to Use Belly Balm?

    With everything that a pregnant woman has to worry about, stretch marks shouldn’t be one of them! From taking your prenatal vitamins, to watching what you eat, buying tons of baby things, scheduling endless doctors appointments, and attending birthing classes, it can be a stressful time. However, it’s important to avoid stress whenever you can […]

  • Who’s More Prone to Bone Cancer?

    While there has been significant growth in the knowledge of cancer, bone cancer is one that is still searching for answers. There are some correlations between certain diseases and the increased risk of developing bone cancer however the exact cause of bone cancer is still unknown. With that being said there appear to be some […]

  • Who Shouldn’t Use A Deep Tissue Massage Gun

    Deep tissue massage guns can be effective for a wide range of conditions and treatments, but there are limitations in their usefulness. Talking to your doctor is the best way to feel confident that you are using the gun appropriately. That said, here are some points about when to use and when not to use […]