Jacob Maslow

Jacob Maslow is a writer and marketing specialist who began his career as a payroll manager. The same affinity for numbers that originally led him to an early career in accounting now comes in handy when it comes to understanding and working with marketing analytics. A native of New York, Maslow is now based in the Middle East, where he provides high-quality services to clients in a variety of industries, including the legal, medical and financial sectors. As the owner of Word Pro SEO, , Maslow specializes in bringing professionals and clients together in a dynamic, responsive way. His extensive knowledge of the business world combined with his writing expertise give him an edge when it comes to consulting with businesses regarding their marketing campaigns.  In addition to his marketing and consulting work, Maslow has founded a variety of news websites, including  Legal Scoops, eThailand, Forex Binary News, Key Investing, Rapid News Network and StreetWise Journal. He is a frequent contributor to the publications eThailand and Legal Scoops and has also published articles on business.com, business2community.com and dozens of other sites.

  • 6 Tricks for Cutting Calories in Your Diet

    While you’ve been busy with life, you realize you’ve gained a few pounds. Perhaps it’s been additional stress or an unexpected change in your routine. Unfortunately, putting on weight seems to take little effort while losing it can be a struggle. It’s easy to lose track of your eating habits. Although getting rid of pounds […]

  • 5 Ways in Which Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

    Research has tied cosmetic surgery to improved self-confidence and a better mood. While there are numerous reasons why you may choose to go under the knife, research done by Science Daily has also shown that most people today are turning to plastic surgery to boost their self-confidence. Whether it’s to improve a person’s appearance or […]

  • How to Prepare for Retina Surgery

    If you have macular degeneration, a medical condition that causes your vision to deteriorate, your doctor may recommend that you undergo retinal surgery. This is a major type of surgery that can correct retinal detachment, which occurs when the retina suffers a tear and fluid accumulates underneath it. As a result, it’s important to properly […]

  • How to Improve Your Gut Health

    Gut health can be such an embarrassing topic to discuss, from bloating, gas, and constipation, it is not the most glamourous subject to bring up over beers and wings with the boys. It seems as if the health of our stomachs has been set aside as the age of dad bod steps into the forefront, […]

  • How to Reduce Your Anxiety

    If you experience anxiety or stress leading up to an important event or just as a factor of your daily life, you are not alone.  Millions of people combat feelings of being overwhelmed almost constantly, and there is no shortage of reason to actually feel concerned at times.  Because modern life revolves around a constant […]

  • How Eating Vegan Can Improve Your Health

    Personal health seems like a never-ending journey. Fitness, diet, sleep cycle, mental health…they all seem to factor into what on the surface appears to be an impossible mountain to climb.  And especially with today’s culture’s no-nonsense attitude towards wasting time, it almost seems like a misuse of precious minutes spending time researching the best ways […]

  • How to Make your Hair Healthier

    Ladies, we know that your hair is one of the most important things for you. After all, we all want beautiful, healthy, voluminous hair. But with everything that we do with our hair, it is no wonder that it can become heavily damaged. When your hair becomes damaged, it can look dull and just not […]

  • How Natural Silver Bedding Can Kill Germs

    Let’s face it; there are two groups of people in the world; those who wash their bed linens incessantly, and those that prefer to let their bed linens “ripen” for weeks at a time.  We get it; once the sheets go on the bed, most of us forget about them until they start to develop […]

  • Breast Feeding vs Formula: What You Need to Know

    From the moment you get pregnant you are bombarded with new “suggestions.”  Everyone-literally everyone-has opinions on how you should approach pregnancy, how you should approach your child’s birth, and of course, how you should approach feeding your new baby.  Before you even hit the second trimester you can feel “fed up” with all the feeding […]

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Treatments

    In the human body, nerves located beyond the brain and spinal cord are called peripheral nerves. However, they interact with the brain and spinal cord to send information back and forth between them and the skin, muscles and internal organs. Peripheral neuropathy happens when disease or injury causes this system of peripheral nerves to produce […]