Jacob Maslow

  • 6 Activities To Reduce Stress And Improve Health

    And Some Activities To Avoid Stress Is a Part of Life; Managing it Improves Life Without a little stress, you might not get out of bed in the morning. Pressure can be a motivational force. Some tension is good for you. When the pressure gets too much, it affects health, friendships, and work.  Work-Life balance […]

  • Top 5 Best Ways to Market a Dental Practice

    A massive challenge for businesses is in marketing their products and services. For dental practices, building a client base requires more skill and marketing strategies. After all, who likes going to the dentist’s office? Here are the five best ways to promote a dental practice, both online and offline: Building Relationships Within a Local Community […]

  • Health Benefits Of Owning Pets

    Pets bring humans unconditional love in return for being taken care of. They don’t need a lot – just food, water, playtime, and attention. Owning pets can be expensive, however. We have to take them to the vet, get them vaccinated, purchase the right food for them, and more. But, the cost of the pet […]

  • Ways Modern Life Is Detrimental To Our Health

    We are living in the most comfortable time in history, and researchers are looking into how technological advances are affecting humans. Every aspect of our lives is changing at alarming rates, but does it align with our physical and psychological needs? Let’s look into how modern lifestyle is affecting us, and what we can do […]

  • How To Ease Pain Without Taking Pills

    We know that being in pain is awful, so we try to find anything to make it go away.  We often recur to taking pills in order to make it go away, but sometimes those medicines can do more harm than good.  Taking pills too often can compromise organs like the liver and stomach. Also, […]

  • Health Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil

    What exactly is Rick Simpson oil? RSO oil is an oil extracted from a cannabis plant that was named after the man who invented it. Rick Simpson created this cannabis oil using ethanol to treat his skin cancer. Now, we should note that Rick Simpson oil and CBD oil is not the same thing. We […]

  • Drug Development: From The Lab To The Cabinet

    We have all taken some kind of medicine, but what did pharmaceuticals do to get that medicine in the first place? Although the pharmaceutical field has had significant advances over the past years, there has been some concern. The rising costs and reduced productivity can impact the patient’s access to many medications and treatments.  Understanding […]

  • 4 Reasons You Should Prepare Yourself For The Future

    The future will always be full of many uncertainties and changes. Opportunities are continually presenting themselves, and you need to recognize them when they come along. There are so many times in life when we are not prepared for those freak chances that could lead to a better future. Constant opportunities in life mean we […]

  • Did You Know Where You Live Could Be Having an Impact on Your Health?

    It is said that in a single lifetime we will move house on average 11.7 times. People decide to move house for many reasons, be it location, a first home, an expanding family, or downsizing after retirement.  A lot of the time, a new life chapter comes hand in hand with a house move. As […]

  • How To Take Care Of Your Health

    Health is the most important thing above money and materialism. With good health brings a longer life with happiness, wellbeing, and a positive mind.  A Good Diet It is important to have a balanced diet; since it is like the fuel that keeps our bodies running and stable.  A nutritionist can help set up a […]