How Outdoor Activities Like Gardening And Walking Can Boost Your Health And Wellbeing

Keeping yourself healthy in mind and body has never been so important as it is now, but the day-to-day challenges which have been forced upon us all by the pandemic, associated health issues, and social distancing have made this all very difficult, especially for those of us who live alone or lead a busy social life.

Being stuck indoors without regular social interaction can make us lose focus of our days, make us feel sluggish, and that our TVs and the internet are the only connections with the outside world that we have.

We should probably remind ourselves that this is not the case at all. There are options available where social distancing is not so difficult, which also benefits the mind and body.

The benefits of being outside

Being out in the open air can be a very beneficial pastime – fresh air and sunshine clears the mind, relieves stress, and helps us feel revitalized and happy.

Outdoor pastimes such as gardening can be very relaxing and can be a full-body workout, too, with all of that stretching and lifting involved with it. Joining a gardening group or club can help with loneliness, and you are sharing a common interest with others.

Meetings are generally held outside, so social distancing should not be too much of a problem. There is also the opportunity to hold an open garden event to show off your fantastic handy work. (as well as looking around other group or club members gardens to gain ideas).

Many gardening groups have competitions, which for the ambitious mind can be an important and helpful thing to concentrate on, giving purpose in these strange times with a hanging plant pot. You need to be aware of biting insects and other pests, and to find out more on how to deal with them, click here.

Walking for health

Other forms of outdoor exercise like walking are an excellent way to help clear the blues and take advantage of some fresh air. It doesn’t have to be a long trek; it can be just going around the area we live in, looking at the houses which line the roads and admiring the gardens of others, greeting and waving at others.

If you are bored of walking around your local neighborhood and wish to go further afield or are lucky enough to live near a large parkland, woodland, or beach, these offer a fantastic area where kids and dogs can let off steam. A gentle walk can do wonders for the mind and provides some low-impact exercise and a little social interaction with others enjoying the same pastime.

To make these visits more interesting – especially if you have children, looking for shells or pebbles of a particular color or shape or with holes in can keep the kids busy. Walking in parks or woodlands looking out for wildlife or fallen leaves and pine cones can also turn a ‘boring’ walk into a more educational, fun-filled trip. Items of interest can be researched once back at home, and a genuine hobby or thirst for knowledge can be found.