How To Control Your Anxiety

Anxiety is never easy to handle. It is even more difficult to push it aside and actually get to living your life. All of us, at some point in our lives, have been faced with trying to control our anxious feelings. They sometimes happen all of a sudden without warning, so it is easy to always feel on edge waiting for the crushing wave of anxiety to rise.

We must take control of our lives, and end the vicious cycle of anxiety. It begins with one night in, one morning off, and can end in you losing your job or a close friend. Time will move forward, whether you are stuck in your anxiety, so it’s best to try to control it. HEre are multiple ways to approach and calm your anxious feelings.

Breaking the Cycle of Anxious Thought

Anxiety arises from the idea that we are not incomplete control of outside events, and would very much rather be. Instead of getting stuck in a loop of anxious though, you must remind yourself that you cannot control everything, especially the event you’re anxious about.

Once you begin making up scenarios of how an event will go wrong-stop. It’s a lot easier said than done, I know, but keep your power over your own thoughts in mind. You can worry about it all day, but you will still not know what is going to happen, until it happens.

Understand What Situations Make You Anxious

Getting to the bottom of any problem means literally seeing what it stems from. Most likely, there are common triggers that will set your anxiety off. The first step is identifying these, the second is to know how to either avoid, or slowly make your anxiety not rise, at their thought.

There is no sure way to get rid of anxiety, each person is different, so it needs to be approached in different ways. If you’re losing your hair you might get yourself powder brows to deal you’re your anxiety. Look at yourself, and let yourself not only see the bad, but the good. Time may feel like it has stopped when anxiety flares, but time will keep going on. Tat meeting will happen with or without you, that friends out- it’s all imperative to this affecting your life unless you learn to control it.

Positive Thoughts About Yourself

Thinking positively is a little hard for those with anxiety. Any problem can appear from (seemingly) out-of-nowhere and you’re frozen with fear. This leads to negative ideas about your looks, social status, personality, and even about the fact that you have anxiety.

You must turn this thinking around. You are beautiful. You are worthy of love, of friendship, of good things. And even in the worst case of anxiety telling you that you cannot get out of bed, you must be present. The situation or event ahead can seem daunting but remember, all you have to do is show up. Then you can handle what comes.

No matter what you must always go, simply show up, and half of the anxiety is left at bay until you’re there. Then you can convince yourself you can handle what the event throws at you, and get rid of that thought that it must be something bad coming.

Deep-Breathing Really Works

Imagine all the negative images and thoughts clouding your thoughts. Embrace them. Breath them in deeply. Then as you breath out imagine those thoughts leaving your body. Use actual visualization to accept the hurt, then let go of the scrambled ideas that make them up.

Breathing is often down-stated, but can be the opening to a calm demeanor. If your anxiety allows it, go to a class for yoga or meditation, where steady breathing practices are integrated.

Battle Your Anxiety, Become Stronger

The road to recovering from paralyzing anxiety is not an easy one. You must find the strength inside yourself to break the cycle of one bad thought leading to another, and this continuing to build. This is your life, and it is you who suffers the most from not getting out of bed, not being on time for the meeting, or not going to a new job fair you’ve been looking forward to for months.

Sometimes coming up with a mantra to repeat to yourself will eventually put a stop to that voice in your head. Saying things like “I am confident.” or “I love myself” can actually begin to stick in your brain. Even if in the beginning you do not believe those sayings, you could in a few weeks. Having a true dialogue with your anxiety is crucial to finding out how to not let it stop you from living your life. It is not your fault you experience it, but it is in your control to practice habits to keep it under control.