How to Improve the Whiteness of Teeth

It’s no secret that having whiter teeth makes you feel more confident. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or taking a photo, knowing your smile is looking its best can boost your confidence. 

And while it’s important to visit your dentist for professional cleanings, there are also a few things you can do at home to help keep your teeth looking their best. Here are some tips that can help you improve the whiteness of your teeth

Tips for improving the whiteness of teeth

Teeth whitening can be achieved using natural methods, whitening enhancers, or both. Here are some of the processes that fall under the above categories

Natural methods

These methods aim to use the natural foods and lifestyle choices we make to improve the whiteness of our teeth. They include:

  • Brushing your teeth with homemade cleaners: using a paste-like combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes per day can help remove stains. The baking soda paste polishes away stains and prevents plaque and bacteria build-up.
  • Avoid staining foods and drinks: Beverages like coffee and red wine contain pigments that leave stains on the teeth. Avoiding such foods can help improve the natural whiteness of your teeth.
  • Quit smoking or using tobacco products: Tobacco products have been widely reported to cause yellow nicotine stains and tooth discoloration. Moreover, these products cause tar and bacteria to build up on the teeth, which can lead to cavities and gum diseases
  • Eat natural cleaning foods: Foods like apple, celery, and carrots stimulate increased saliva production, which helps wash away bacteria and food particles that can stain the teeth.
  • Try oil pulling: This method involves washing the mouth with oils like coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil. The washing process strives to remove dirt, bacteria, and debris and has been shown to help whiten the teeth

Whitening enhancers

Whitening enhances generally use a combination of polishers, mild abrasives, and bleaching agents to gently enhance the color of your teeth. Some of the most popular options include:

Use a tooth whitening toothpaste

Many kinds of toothpaste on the market contain whitening agents like chemicals, mild abrasives, and polishing agents. Using toothpaste that contains one of these agents can help improve the whiteness of your teeth over time.

Use a whitening mouthwash

Mouthwashes like Listerine Advanced White freshen your breath and help remove surface stains from your teeth.

Use whitening strips

Whitening strips are thin, flexible plastic strips that are coated with a bleaching agent. By placing the strip over your teeth and holding it in place for a few minutes, you can achieve brighter teeth in as little as 14 days.

At-home teeth whitening kits

There are many at-home teeth whitening kits available on the market that can help you achieve whiter teeth. These kits usually come with a bleaching agent, mouth trays, and instructions on using the product.

In-office teeth whitening treatments

Dentists use a combination of various whitening agents to whiten the teeth during in-office teeth whitening treatments. The procedure normally takes about an hour, and the results are visible immediately.

Regardless of whichever teeth whitening method you choose, always consult your dentist before starting any treatment. They will be able to examine your teeth and recommend the best course of action.

Benefits of having white teeth

In the years leading to the 21st century, teeth whitening used to be touted for its aesthetic purposes and revered as a procedure available only to the rich and famous. However, recent advances in dentistry have made the procedure common and affordable to the general population. 

Because of the reduced cost of whitening procedures, people who wish to enjoy the benefits of having a whiter smile can comfortably do so without going penniless. Some of these benefits include:

  • A boost in confidence. 
  • A more youthful appearance. 
  • Improved oral health. 
  • A stronger smile. 
  • Less likelihood of cavities or gum diseases


If you are interested in improving the whiteness of your teeth, Newcastle dental is here to help. And with a little bit of effort, you can have the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted.