How to Keep Your Home Organized

Most people in the world prefer to live in a clean and clutter-free environment. To some people keeping their surroundings cleaned and organized comes easy for them, but for others, it is a daily struggle. The majority of people can probably agree that clutter just somehow finds a way into our homes. It is not all at once but more gradually. A great method to keeping a house clean and clutter-free for the most part is to be organized. There are many ways to get organized and when there is a system in place, it becomes easier to maintain daily. Keep things simple and make sure that everything that comes into the home has its specific place. If one would ask George Rutler, he would simply say storage bins that are labeled and stored away in a special place in the house is a great organization method.

Everyone has a problem area in their home that seems to collect clutter more than others. Some it might be the kitchen. For that area, someone might want to make sure that there are enough storage places, whether it is a pantry or cabinets. Try to make use of those spaces so that items such as a toaster or a cereal box have a place to go instead of being on the counter. A clean counter can make any kitchen look clean and organized. What about the living room area? Are there too many blankets taking over the couch, or too many toys, whether they belong to kids or the family pet? For the blankets, one might suggest an ottoman. An ottoman is a great tool to use for the organization since most of them open up and can store all the blankets that are taking over the seating area. Have a designated bin or basket for all the toys. Simple methods and tools can make getting organized simple.

Let us go back to George Rutler and his method of keeping organized. Using storage bins and having them labeled is a wonderful idea for people that love to decorate their homes for special holidays are parties. Storage bins are great for items that you use every year at a certain time. They can also hold items of sentimental value that one doesn’t want to let go of. Having the bins labeled is an essential part. When the time comes for needing an item in a bin knowing what bin to grab is the whole point. Instead of opening every container up which can be overwhelming, one can read the labels and know exactly which one to grab. Having a special spot in the home, such as a garage or basement, is a great idea so the bins are not in the way of daily life.

Getting one’s home organized and keeping it organized does not have too hard or a daily struggle. There are so many tools and suggestions out there to help one find the best method for them.