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How to Manage Your Anxiety Naturally

Mental health is finally getting the treatment it deserves. For many years, centuries even, people with common mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and common stress, had nowhere to go for help as health care systems didn’t identify them as an illness or disease. 

Physical illness or injury is visible and easy to diagnose. Mental illnesses however, as they aren’t always clearly visible, went undiagnosed for many years. Often those suffering with depression went through daily life with a constant low mood and had no professional help to turn to. It is only recently, in the 21st century, that doctors and health care professionals are now treating those with anxiety and depression with the care they truly need. It has come to light just how many people actually suffer with mental health, and that nobody is alone in their struggles. Nowadays there are a wide variety of medications that can help combat mental health disorders, as well as therapy and counselling. 

Antidepressants are now prescribed daily in high quantities across the U.S, Canada, U.K and many other countries across all continents. Depression can be a result of dealing with long term stress and anxiety resulting in low self esteem and a feeling of constant low mood and helplessness. All mental health disorders link directly to chemical and hormonal imbalances. Depression is much more than just a feeling of sadness, but more a constant feeling of low mood, loss of enthusiasm which has a physical effect on your ability to perform regular, daily activities. There are a range of types of depression, some more severe than others. Experts say depression does not arise from a single event, but a wide number of contributing factors. Those who feel a constant low mood and lack of energy should be advised to seek professional help from a doctor or other qualified health professional. 

Another very common mental health disorder is anxiety. Anxiety is the tense feeling related to worry or fear. It is fear of uncertainty about possible future events which may or may not happen. Anxiety is said to be part of the body’s survival mechanism which is engaged when under threat. Symptoms include general tension, high temperature and increased pulse. Anxiety is commonly experienced when coping with stressful situations as well as events that can lead to long term changes in our lives. It is part of the fight or flight response which both humans and animals alike share. This is when a dangerous encounter occurs, which requires a fast response in order to remain safe. Anxiety only becomes a mental problem when it starts to affect your daily life hindering your ability to complete basic tasks. In some cases, sufferers of anxiety can’t even leave their own homes through fear of judgement or even irrational danger like being hit by a bus. It may sound excessive, however to a severe anxiety sufferer it can be crippling and have a very severe, negative impact on their quality of life. 

To help combat anxiety, there are a variety of therapy and counselling sessions which can be offered by many health care services in many countries. Beta blockers can also be prescribed for those suffering with anxiety. Although beta blockers may not cure the underlying cause of anxiety, they most certainly can help the body manage physical signs of distress caused by anxiety. Signs like increased heart rate, dizziness, high temperature and shaking. 

Despite the effectiveness of modern medicine, many sufferers of mental health disorders prefer not to consume medically enhanced products like those mentioned. A high percentage of sufferers prefer to use natural remedies like CBD gummies. It is more common now to treat anxiety with CBD oil than it was just a few short years ago. Its soothing effects and natural antioxidant properties make it one of the most efficient products on the market today for treating anxiety, depression and stress.