Why Rachel Harow Believes 5 Minutes of Pinterest a Day Keeps Pandemic Feels Away

Keeping busy during a pandemic is very different for every person. Some garden, some read, and some drown themselves in home improvement projects. Either way, they are all ways to distract ourselves from the harsh reality of the world we live in. Coronavirus has spiked but so has an increase in screen time. As many workers are using Zoom or Skype for meeting, they are also using their phones more. Children are on iPads much more than usual because parents need to keep them entertained. Overall, many moms, like Rachel Harow, believe that as long as screen time is moderated, it’s acceptable. Many websites are questionable for children and ads can lead to unwanted sites. Harow believes that Pinterest is a great way to learn, organize, and distract oneself from the pandemic blues.  

Rachel Harow is a very important figure in her community. She’s what most people call “a supermom”. According to Corporation Wiki, she is the President of the PTA at her kid’s school, works in supporting women at her local synagogue, and helps her husband, Chanoch Harow, support his organizations. With all that, she still has to take care of their four children. That is no easy task. As any mom would be, she’s terrified that her children will be in harm’s way because of the virus. Every once in a while, she needs to find time where she can decompress and relax. Harow uses Pinterest to get away from all the daily hustle and bustle. 

Pinterest is an application that has now been around for a decade. It’s maintained a high traffic rate because of the large demographic it surfaces. It can be of value to mom looking for healthier recipes, college students looking for dorm decor ideas, and for any bride to be it’s a great place to search for insights. Rachel has many boards that she pins to. She likes to have a diverse set of boards for all her goals and aspirations. Baking with her family is something that she highly enjoys. That can include slow cooker recipes, Jewish traditional food, and air fryer ideas. As Harow sorts through different images and posts on Pinterest, she notices that she is happier. Being distracted from the uncertainty of the virus is scary to anyone. Harow emphasizes that using this app to ‘get away from it all’ is very helpful. Now that more families are using Pinterest during the pandemic, many pages are now catering to just pandemic ideas. For example, ‘things to do indoors with your kids’, ‘how to make fun snacks’, and ‘rainy day activities’, can be easily searched on the app. In addition, Rachel Harow expresses how important it is to support small businesses that may be using Pinterest as an advertising method. Of course, doing something yourself is very much the point of Pinterest, but if one is capable, purchasing a product from a small business can really help boost their revenue during such weary times.