How to prepare for the baby’s arrival? Tips to apply

Preparing for the baby’s arrival involves much more than simply buying a crib or changing table. Parents, siblings, and even the pet need to prepare emotionally for the changes that are coming.

The birth of a new family member is a moment of absolute happiness. However, that little being will come into your life to change everything you knew. Below, we share with you some tips to prepare for the arrival of the baby on a practical level and also on an emotional level. Don’t miss them!

Tips to prepare for the arrival of your baby

We have divided these tips into practical and emotional advice, to make it easier for you to get your bearings throughout the article. First, we’ll talk about the things you should do and buy before your child is born, and then we’ll address the mental and emotional preparation needed to deal with the changes ahead.

What should you do and buy before the birth?

We know you have a thousand things on your mind. Pregnancy is a time of insight, happiness and nerves. Surely, there are times when you feel that you don’t get to do everything you want and that stresses you out. Take a deep breath and relax. Nothing is more important than you and your baby.

Here is a short list of tasks that can help you make decisions and prioritize what to do and buy.

1. Where will the baby sleep?

The first thing you should ask yourself is where your child will sleep. The answer to this question is the starting point for what you should do and buy. Let’s look at the options:

Sleeping with the baby in the same room: If this is your decision, before you start decorating your child’s room, you should think about whether the crib will fit in your room and where and how you will place it.

Bedding: When choosing bedding, be sure to practice it safely. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommends using a sidecar in these cases.

The baby sleeps in his room: in this case, you should have the room completely ready for the arrival of your little one.

2. Essential shopping for your child

There’s nothing more tempting than shopping for the baby. However, this can lead to buying unnecessary things in the first place. We advise you to prepare a list of essentials and stick to it to avoid overspending. Of course, you can treat yourself to something. Among the essential purchases you will find:

  1. The bassinet or mini-cradle, if you plan to use it. You can always choose to use the cradle from the first day.
  2. The crib, either sidecar, nest or normal.
  3. The changing table.
  4. The bedding.
  5. A sleeping bag (or two).
  6. The bathtub.
  7. towels (at least two)

Diapers and wipes: we advise you not to buy too many of the first size, as babies grow very quickly.

3. Stroller or carrier?

Another of the great doubts of parents, and one that should be solved soon, is if you want to buy the baby carriage in any of the shops in your city. You must take into account that they usually are ordered at least 3 or 4 months before the probable delivery date.

Here it is important that you decide how you plan to go out with your baby. A combination of sling and pushchair can be interesting, as it gives you more room for manoeuvre. Think about it.

4. The baby’s clothes

In preparing for the baby’s arrival we are faced with this big headache: how much clothing should we buy? As with nappies, the ideal is not to overdo it when buying the first sizes for two reasons:

Babies grow very fast and may change sizes in a matter of weeks.

People who give away clothes usually opt for the first sizes.

You are probably asking yourself: what do I do then? The most practical way to manage the situation is to talk to those people you know will give you a gift to coordinate with them what you need and in what size. Figure out what your child will need:

  1. 10 bodies
  2. 5 pairs of socks
  3. 10 shirts and pants
  4. 10 pyjamas
  5. 5 / 6 bags or sweaters
  6. 2 caps for the early days.

5. The bag for the hospital

Don’t wait until the last minute to put it together. Prepare it in advance so you don’t forget anything important such as the mobile phone charger, clothes for your child and yourself, nappies and everything you need for your stay in hospital.

6. House ready for baby’s arrival

When your due date is approaching, your home needs to be ready. This means having a well-stocked cupboard, a clean and tidy house, and a plan of action – that is, knowing who will take care of the older sibling or pet while you are gone.

Preparing for the baby’s arrival on an emotional level

The birth of your child will turn your life upside down. The first days will be exciting and exhausting at the same time, and you should contemplate this as early as your pregnancy so you won’t be having any birth injury. If you do have one, the best way to handle the situation is by contacting Birth Injury Lawyer – LawTX

Being a mother or father is not easy, it is facing an unknown world, even if you already have another child. Every baby is a different world, with its own needs and expectations, just like every parent.

If you have another child, it is important to prepare him/her for the changes that are coming. It is not easy to become an older child. You will have to talk to him, read stories about it and, above all, be very patient during the first months. Show him how much you love him because he may feel displaced by the arrival of his little brother.

The same could happen with the pet that has had all your attention for so many years. Pets are a bit like children and they also need our patience and understanding until they adapt to the new situation.

Don’t minimize the changes. Be aware that your life and that of your entire household is about to change. Be prepared for the unexpected, embrace your new life and don’t let a bad night stop you from enjoying this wonderful time you are living.

As you can see, preparing for the baby’s arrival is much more than just shopping. You must be aware that the changes will be fundamental and that you will not be able to control everything. Despite the fear that this can generate, there is nothing more beautiful in the world!