tooth decay

How to Reverse Cavities and Deal with Tooth Decay

When the enamel on teeth erodes, tooth decay and cavities are generally the end result. According to a select number of medical studies on reversing cavities and tooth decay, it appears that the damage done to teeth by eating an improper diet and insufficient dental hygiene can actually be undone. While you can save and protect teeth that have significant tooth decay with cerec dental crowns, it might be worthwhile for you to make a few adjustments to your life and potentially rid yourself of tooth decay and cavities, naturally.

tooth decay

Attempting to reverse cavities and tooth decay the natural way won’t compromise your oral health, so long as you do so under the care of a well-trained dentist. Here’s how to heal your mouth and encourage better dental health, in four easy ways.

Don’t Eat Grains

Oats, wheat and other grains have a few things in common. In order for the human body to digest grains properly, grains have to be chewed and broken down completely. This chewing leads to the release of phytic acid in high concentrations. Science shows that phytic acid is not beneficial at all to teeth, and can actually prevent teeth from absorbing the minerals present in a healthy diet. Although whole grains are essential to a balanced diet, you can minimize your consumption or make strides to only eat grains that have less phytic acid.

Decrease Sugar Intake

Not eating candy and eliminating added sugar to your diet will definitely have a positive impact on your dental health. If your ultimate goal is to reverse tooth decay and cavities, you will have to make every attempt to remove as much sugar from your diet as possible. In addition to sweets and baked goods, you should consider eliminating both lactose and fructose from your normal diet. Neither sugar nor sugar substitutes are particularly good for your teeth, so big strides can be made as far as your oral health is concerned by eating less sugar and learning how to live without consuming sweets.

Take Mineral Supplements

Teeth decay only when they aren’t getting a proper amount of minerals to help replenish their enamel. If you are able to receive a sufficient amount of minerals from your everyday diet, your teeth will begin to repair themselves. For those with advanced tooth decay or diets that don’t include a good amount of minerals, taking mineral supplements is advised. You can take mineral supplements in pill or liquid form, and you should notice the benefits to your teeth after only a short period. Mineral supplements won’t only help with tooth decay; you should also experience fewer cavities after beginning your new regimen.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Minerals can help to repair teeth while eating a balanced diet that is low in sugar and phytic acid can help to protect them from further damage. One important factor that is left out of a lot of tooth decay and cavity reversal guides is an emphasis on how important it is to develop good oral health habits. Brushing, flossing, rinsing and using mouthwash will help to clean and fortify your teeth, while getting rid of harmful bacteria and leftover food particles.

Once a cavity forms and tooth decay sets in, a trip to the dentist is imminent. You can lessen the harm done to your teeth by changing your lifestyle, but you will need to make changes all around in order to see a big difference. Reverse both cavities and tooth decay by consuming minimal grains and sugars, brushing your teeth regularly, and taking mineral supplements.