Is it Safe to Apply Essential Oils to Your Belly Button?

Is it Safe to Apply Essential Oils to Your Belly Button?

Essential oils are terrific for improving quality of life. They can have soothing and/or invigorating effects and their wonderful aroma is an added bonus.

There are so many ways to integrate essential oils into your daily routine. You can diffuse them throughout your home or office, or you can put them directly on your body.

There are many places on the body where essential oil will work best. Some like to put the oil on their wrists, so it works with their pulse. Others put it on their belly button.

Putting essential oil on the belly button is called the Pechoti intake method. It is based on the idea that the Pechoti gland in the navel allows you to optimally absorb substances into the body.

While there’s no proof the Pechoti gland exists, there is no harm in trying to apply essential oil to the navel to see how this method works for you. Or is there? Read on to find out if it’s safe to apply essential oils to your belly button.

Does the Pechoti Intake Method Work?

The Pechoti intake method is based in Ayurvedic medicine, which is focused on a connection between medical and spiritual health. The naval may also be significant because it is where children absorb nutrients from their mothers in the womb.

However, there are few studies that show Ayurvedic medicine is effective. And as for the transfer of nutrients through the belly button, well, that stops once the umbilical cord is cut.

Is the Pechoti Intake Method Safe?

Although there is not much medical evidence to back up the Pechoti method, people may still think this is a powerful way to get the benefits of essential oil into the body. But is it safe?

Yes, in most cases applying essential oil to the naval will be safe. The only exception will be if you use an essential oil with ingredients that cause an allergy or are strong on sensitive skin.

Check the ingredients before applying the oil. If the oil is very strong, dilute it with water or a carrier oil before using it.

When applying the oil, do not press too hard on the naval area. There are a lot of nerves around the gut and applying pressure could be painful.

What Essential Oils Should I Use for the Pechoti Intake Method?

If you decide to try the Pechoti intake method, it’s best to use an essential oil with all natural ingredients. Avoid using products with extra ingredients you don’t recognize.

It’s also advisable to use oils that are fresh. If they are more than three years old, they may have become spoiled due to oxygen exposure and cause irritations. Edible oils are also not recommended for applying to the skin.

Before putting the oil on, try rubbing a small amount into your body to determine what reactions you will have before proceeding.

Essential oils can provide wonderful results, but you must be careful when applying them to the naval or any other part of the body. Start out small to ensure you are safe before proceeding. How do you like to integrate them into your life?