Looking Ahead: When Should Your Child Have a First Eye Exam?

Did you know that 11 million Americans over the age of twelve have vision problems?

Getting your child’s eyes checked at an early age can help them properly develop and catch problems before they become serious.

If you want to help your child be successful in life, doing what you can to let them see makes a big difference. 

Continue reading to know what to expect for their first eye exam so that you can get them healthy from the start. 

When Do You Take Your Child for Their First Eye Exam?

Knowing when to take your child to their first eye exam is important for development in life. 

Although your child’s eyes are checked in the hospital when they are born, it is crucial to get them checked again within a year. 

Taking your child while they are between 6-12 months old is recommended for the healthy development of vision. It is important to have a baby eye doctor look at your child after 6 months so they can quickly identify and correct any issues that come up.

What to Expect the First Visit 

During the first visit, the doctor will review your child’s medical history and then do several tests to check for any vision problems.

One test done to check a baby’s vision is to flash a light or show a toy to ensure that they can see. The doctor will then dilate your child’s pupils to test for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. 

Most children are farsighted until 3-5 years of age, so don’t be too concerned if this is the case, just follow doctor orders. 

The final test that the doctor will perform is to check for overall health in the eye.

The doctor will use a special magnifying glass to look at a close view of your child’s eye to ensure that there aren’t any problems. 

Follow up Visits

Taking your child for their first eye exam is important, but you will have to get them checked every few years until they are around 8 years old.

A child’s neural system develops until the ages of 7 or 8, meaning that there could be changes or problems that appear in their sight. It is recommended to take your child to a Pediatric Optometrist at 6 months, age 3, and between ages 5 and 6.  


Let Them See a Brighter Future 

Determining when your child should have their first eye exam has never been more clear if you follow the information from above. 

Taking your child to the eye doctor within the first year of being born can lower their risk of a problem going unnoticed, leading to sight problems. Your child’s sight may fluctuate until the age of 8, so if you follow the doctor’s suggestions, there shouldn’t be a major issue. 

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